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Writing it down to keep me on the straight and narrow

I have the urge to write something about how I am getting on. I am hoping it will keep me going on this diet all the way to the end this time, but also make me see where I am going wrong as I know I will somewhere. (I will be mentioning food (sorry) throughout).

In fact it has already happened :eek:. Night shifts are my downfall but unexpected ones are even worse. I was called in the afternoon and asked if I could work extra. I usually try and plan for nights, but as it was short notice I ran to Tescos and got some carots and humous (okay not strictly 1000 cal plan, but easy to pick at all night) and a bottle of coke zero. But when I get there one of the students has bought in a celebratory feast (I won't even mention what foods she had bought). I did have a pick at the naughties and knew I would regret it, but the worse thing is when I get home from a night shift I am starving and I can't sleep when my tummy is rumbling. So I ate toast and jam :break_diet:then went to bed!

On the plus side, I have only had a shake for lunch and have some chicken for tea before I go out and do another night shift (armed with more carots and humous). I'm hoping to be better tonight - fingers crossed eh?
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So last night was a bit better. Very civilised at work, in fact 2 very quiet shifts on the trot! On the food front, I did have some chicken for tea before I went to work and took a choc bar and carots with me to eat. Did have a couple of biscuits which I shouldn't have eaten, but then I didn't fancy my choc bar so didn't eat it.

Got home this morning absolutely starving again, but this time I only had my banana tetra and a small banana. Slept until lunchtime when I got up and had a cup of tea and my choc bar. So far so good today :0)

Need to go shopping in minute as have run out of absolutely everything. Thinking of having an omlette and salad for tea? I must try and drink more water - I'm struggling to drink 1.5 L.
Its weigh in day today. I'm hoping I have done well. Had a couple of small blips, but as far as I can remember nothing major.

I cooked loads of meals yesterday for the family. Very impressed as I actually managed to get 4 days worth of meals out of 1 pack of mince but adding loads of veggies. 1 x lasagne, 1 x bolognaise, 1 x savoury mince and 1 x cottage pie. Just wish I could eat them too! Last night I got called out (early evening) so that was good as I didn't have to watch them eat. By the time I got home I really wasn't hungry so I had a cup of tea and went to bed. Probably should have really eaten something as yesterday I only had my shake for breakfast, apple mid morning, choc bar for lunch and banana mid afternoon. Missed out dinner completely :-(

Hopefully it will show good on the scales though. Off for a nice walk today down the sea front after weigh in.

Back soon to report loss (hopefully).
Oh Yes! 2 3/4 lbs off. I'm pleased :)

Now to be good all week...
wow that is a fantastic loss
I am doing ss+ just second week but was wondering about the 1000 plan - if you keep getting losses like that I may take the jump
will be following with interest so I can see what I can eat :)
Ooops, not been on over the weekend as had an unplanned" weekend off CD. Got straight back on it again though on Monday morning and have had 2 good days now.

Yesterday I had a shake for breakfast, banana for mid-morning, bar for lunch and apple for afternoon snack. Dinner was cottage cheese and tuna salad. Quite nice, but I'm not keen on cottage cheese really.

Today has been the same, except I don't know what I'm going to have for dinner as have got to go to DD school for an options evening. Probably another salad when we get back!

Have felt quite hungry today, but have resisted. That is the trouble with having weekends off, but am going to have another "planned" weekend off this weekend as have a family weekend do to go to in a lovely hotel. Will get back on it again on Monday. Hoping I will still lose! Fingers crossed x


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well done on the weight loss so far

I struggle with getting enough water too so what I've started doing is leaving a 1.5 litre bottle on the side in my kitchen that I set myself as having to finish by the end of the day. Then every cup of tea or other drink I have I match it with a glass of water - its a great way of making sure I actually drink 3 litres a day without feeling like it. Might be worth a try.

Keep going and good luck xx


One day at a time!
Keep it up Jess, you WILL do it:)
Thanks for your replies. I'm on here tonight to confess :-( Last night I ate Indian and not salad for dinner. It was a small portion, but still not the salad I had planned. I felt completely stupid as soon as I finished and actually didn't really enjoy it very much. Back on the diet again today and have just eaten my salad and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think this diet is making me appreciate the simple foods again and actually remember how good they taste!

Off to glug more water.....


One day at a time!
Oops, slapped fingers, lol. Well done for getting back on track today:)


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OMG over a week (in fact nearly 2) and I have updated my diary!! Well loads has happened. I have more or less stuck to "my" plan. Had a planned weekend away for FIL 80th birthday which was lovely. Got back on the diet again after the bank holiday weekend and weighed in last Thursday and lost another 1.5lb. I was very pleased with that. Am sticking to around 1000 cals a day, but not religiously sticking to CD. Keeping it low carb as possible. I need to exercise more, but just keep making excuses really.

Have joined a sponsored slim and have pledged to lose 24lb in 12 weeks. Am finding that it is really helping me to think about what I put in my mouth. Im struggling for disposible money at the moment, the same as the rest of the population, so am really trying to justify spending money on CD products, but I feel the support I get from my CDC is fantastic and worth every penny. Will see how my weigh in goes on Thursday as I am jiggling around with the diet a bit. Eg, today is a day off work, so for breakfast I had an apple and a banana. Lunch was some chicken with tomatoes and cucumber. For dinner tonight I have planned a mushroom omlette with salad. Tomorrow I will have a CD day as I'm working and find it easier to take a tetra and bar with me.

Gosh I've rambled on..... ;-)

Will try and update a bit sooner. Thanks for reading x


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hi, really interesting to read about you mixing cd with your own diet. how is it going?


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well last night I did pilates! today my abs are killing me LOL. Good day diet wise, had a shake for breakfast, choc bar for lunch, apple and banana, then supper was dinner of pork with homemade chilli sauce and a small amount of rice.

Finding it strangely enjoyable. Hoping that the scales will show a loss this week, I will be very disappointed if not. Hey ho, another day gone, but another good one :)


One day at a time!
Good for you Jess, keep at it! I'm having a bad week after a bad weekend but sponsorship makes me feel guilty and I am back on plan again today, lol. Doubt if the scales have moved downwards for me this week:(


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Weigh in this morning and another 1.5 lb off. Bit disappointed as I really feel like i would have lost more. Oh well, perhaps it will show next week.


One day at a time!
Don't be down, you are doing really well:)


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I've had an awful weekend diet wise!!! In fact I have not followed the plan at all :-S

Back in the zone today.... just about to drink a mug of tea and banana shake. I keep reading about the JUDD diet plan and wondering if that would be any good for me. Will do some more reading while trying to stick to the current plan.

Wish me luck with getting back on it today.