Wrote this for CDC he needed a testimonial


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Just thought I would share it with you guys hope you like.
Why did I start the Cambridge Diet?
I started the Cambridge Diet on the 6th July 2006.
I had decided that I needed to do something drastic to shift my excess weight.
I had started on a different VLCD and decided that it wasn’t for me as the flavours were not very nice.
I had heard on an internet forum about the Cambridge Diet. I looked it up on the internet.
I found the details of my local counsellor on the internet and got in touch with Ray De’ath.

How much do I want to lose?
When I started the diet I weighed in at 18 stone and 8lbs and I want to get to a healthier 11 stone.
With Ray’s help and the brilliant flavours on offer from Cambridge Diet I have lost 3st 10lbs so far.
I need to lose another 3 stone 12lbs to get to my goal and I know for a fact that I will with the support of Ray.

How does Ray counsel me?

Ray is very good and keeps in touch with me often by email.
He always seems to know when I need a pick me up and is always at the end of a phone and I always receive a swift response by email.
When I first met Ray he was very helpful and fully explained the dieter.

Why do I like the Cambridge Diet?

It has allowed me to get my eating under control.
The flavours on Cambridge Diet are fantastic and I have not felt deprived at all.
I have really enjoyed the add a meal programme and this has helped me get my portion size under control.
I also enjoy the flexibility of the Cambridge Diet. I shall be trying the 790 programme over the next week or so to see how I can get on with it.
That is so very nice and good to hear!

Well best of wishes to both you Lisa and Ray!!!

You obviously have a good working relationship and well done!!!

Wishing you the best of success on the next half of your weight loss journey.

Love Mini xxx

I am really pleased to read this as Ray is one of my counsellors.

He is a really nice guy and has himself done extremely well using CD.

I am glad you are working well together to achieve your weightloss.