wulong tea


finding my way again !
has anyone tried this tea with its wonderful claims?
does it work or is it just another "fad" to make us part with our money?
could you drink it on CD?
Hi Cheryl,

Firstly, I have never heard of the tea, thus I do not know anything about it.

Lastly, you've lost 45Ibs you are halfway through your journey without having drunk this tea. I think you've done well without it. There are a few people on here too who have done well without it.


thanks CC,
i was really just wondering about it cos i keep seeing adverts for it.
thanks for your encouragement xx:)
Havent heard of it either!! :confused:

I drank black earl grey throughout while on SS/790 and still lost weight, but have been told since that the hint of lemon isnt good for some people. :eek:

I am just trying some of the wonderful herbal/fruit teas around these days... but am near the end of my weight loss journey so ok to have them. :)

Well done on your tremendous weight loss, you are doing brilliantly.