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  1. Rosieplumpton

    Rosieplumpton New Member

    Hi everyone!
    im starting the old style ww plan tomorrow, after countless attempts on pro points and slimming world which never worked for me. Is anyone out there still doing this diet, and if so do they know of any good sites for old point values/ zero point foods etc? TIA
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  3. Hules

    Hules Well-Known Member

    Hi Rosie and welcome to the WW Vintage board! Sorry that no-one's been around to answer your post, it's been soooo quiet on here! I don't really know of any specific boards with points etc, but you'll probably find a few by searching this board.

    I'm about to start over again on Wed. I rebelled a bit and didn't want to diet at all, but I think I need to lose the weight first and then rebel! :rolleyes: Anyway fingers crossed for this time. When are you starting hun? Or have you already started?
  4. Hules

    Hules Well-Known Member

    Just found this that I did a while back for a friend, hope it helps:

    Wholemeal bread 1.5
    Seeded bread 2
    1 heaped Teaspoon jam 0.5
    2 heaped Teaspoons jam low cal 0.5
    Cream cracker 0.5
    Ryvita 0.5
    40g allbran 1.5
    30g special K 1.5
    1 weetabix 1
    Milk semi ¼ pint 1
    Milk skimmed ¼ pint 0.5
    crumpet 1
    Small glass orange juice 100ml 0.5
    Cup of tea with milk x4 (for milk – tea is free) 1
    Teaspoon of raisins 15g (heaped dessert spoon) 0.5
    Banana 1.5
    Apple 0.5
    Orange 0.5
    Pear 0.5
    12 grapes 0.5
    Digestive biscuit 1
    Chocolate biscuit 1.5
    Rich tea biscuit 0.5
    Kit kat (2 fingers) 2.5
    Custard cream 1
    Ski light yoghurt, 1 pot 125g 1
    Muller yogurt (all diff. need to know which) Strawb light 175g 1.5
    Activia raspberry fruit layer, 1 pot 125g 2
    malt loaf (1 small slice, 35g) 1.5
    Cheese (40g or matchbox sized) 4
    branson pickle – 1 tbsp 0.5
    salad cream 1 tbsp 1
    Salad cream light 1 tbsp 0.5
    lettuce 0
    tomato 0
    cucumber 0
    Ham (1 slice finest or deli) 1
    Ham (35g) 0.5
    Tuna (half a tin/100g) 1
    Extra light Philadelphia 30g 0.5
    beetroot 0
    Sweetcorn (Cobbett /½ cob) 1
    Peas (1 heaped tablespoon/30g) 0.5
    carrots 0
    broccoli 0
    cauliflower 0
    Couscous (60g dry) 3
    Salmon (1 med fillet, 115g) 3.5
    Cod (1 piece, 150g) 2
    roast chicken (1 slice/30g no skin) 0.5
    Potato 100g 1
    Jacket spud 2.5
    gravy granules (4 tsp./20g) 1
    gravy oxo cube, all flavours 0
    chicken breast 2.5
    Scampi 170g 5
    Gammon (1 med, uncooked, 170g) 6
    Bacon (normal back) 1.5
    Shepherd’s pie (you’ll have to work this out!)
    Extra lean minced beef (40g) 1
    Extra lean minced beef 500g pack 12
    Pizza(depends on type)½ tesco thin che & tom 10
    pitta bread 1 med/60g 2.5
    Custard (ready to serve 150g) 3
    Custard low fat (ready to serve 150g) 2
    Jelly (sachet, sugar free) 0
    tinned fruit (210g in juice) 1
    tinned fruit (210g in syrup) 2.5
    beans 100g 1
    tin of Heinz veg soup 400g (can vary, let me know variety) 3
    Pasta 20g dried (usually allow 80g pp) 1
    pesto sauce (1 level tbsp) 1.5
    Coleslaw (1 tbsp, 40g) 1
    Coleslaw reduced cal (1 tbsp, 40g) 1.5
    spag bol – you’ll have to work this out!
    Tinned toms 0
    Tomato puree 0
    Ketchup – 2 tbsp 0.5
    stir fry sauce (varies a lot, what sort?) Blue dragon pouch 1-1.5
    Noodles dried 40g 2
    Sesame/olive/veg/sunflower oil 1 tsp 1
    Rice dry 20g 1
    Curry – you’ll have to work this out!
    sweet potato 1 med 150g 2
    Lentils 400g tin 4
    coconut milk ¼ can 100ml (whole can is 30 pts!) 7.5!
    Egg med 1.5
    veg soup(homemade)free veg and oxo cube, no oil 0
    Fry light spray oil (for cooking) 0
    Avocado half 3
    Crisps varies – walkers lights from multi-pack 1.5
    Peanuts 10g 1
    glass wine 2
    diet coke 0
    Squash (sugar free) 0
    Mints - strong mints tube 2.5
    Werthers 0.5
    Werthers sugar free x3 0.5
    Haribo sweets 20g 1
    Garlic, ¼ baguette, tesco light choices 2.5
    Garlic slices, tesco light choices, 1 slice 1
    Baguette 25g 1
    Baguette ½ 5
    Cheddars, 1 0.5
    Special k bar 1.5
    Alpen bar 1
    Butternut squash 0
    onion 0
    Herbs & spices/salt & pepper/mustard/vinegar 0
    Pine nuts 1 tbsp 1.5
  5. woodmouse

    woodmouse Well-Known Member

    A bit late to the party but it's a long story....... anyway I'm currently in the mindset for WW old points and have lost 8lbs over 2 weeks, and have been lucky enough to buy the points calculator and Discovery booklets from eBay.

    However the reason for this post is that I found a site which converts to both vintage and new points, which could be useful to some. It's at Weight Watchers Points Calculator Perhaps Hules could move this ref to somewhere more prominent if she thinks it helpful?

    I love the simplicity of Discovery! :)
  6. missniki

    missniki Active Member

    Hi woodmouse, are you still about?? How r u finding the plan??x

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