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WW On refferal


Here we go again ..
Hey everyone a bit of usefull info i was just wondering if you had heard that weight watchers has won the bid this time for slimming on referal.

If it works the same as slimmingworld on referal that will mean doctors can prescribe weightwatchers for 12 weeks free of charge to there patients.

Think there maybe a few slimming world to weightwatchers converts now
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I asked my doctor about this a little while back when it was in the news and she told me she doesn't know anything about any diet referrals on the NHS and it was all news to her and clearly wasn't planning on finding out anything about it either so if you have a non too helpful GP then good luck! lol


Here we go again ..
vouchers can also be avalible through other sources for me i got my slimmingworld ones from my local healthy living centre.
Had a look at this and it seems that if your health is affected by your weight then your doctor can refer you to WW and you get a course of 12 weeks courtesy of the nhs!! I do think that it still depends on your own Health Authority as not all are in the scheme, worth asking the doc tho!


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Not all areas offer the weight loss referral system, but it's always useful to ask. Also, AFAIK, you can't have attended a slimming club within a certain amount of time before you ask for referral - I think it's 3 or 6 months! but that may well have changed. Although I know they'd be able to check if you used to go to WW, however I doubt they'd check up on whether you attended SW or Rosemary Conely (sp!!), for example :)


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This is a shame really, its that postcode lottery.

People are denied free medication or treatment cause they live in the wrong county.

This time its even worse, its not just county its doctors surgery's.

What really pees me off about this is, my dad has not been to a meeting yet (he is supposed to go, and says he will) but he got the vouchers from his doctors, yet we can't get it from ours and we would make the effort (and do) to go and use them.

I just wish every doctors would give the vouchers out to everyone who needs them (I mean cause of there being over weight affecting there health big time)

Ahhh sorry for my rant

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