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WW Online.

I wouldn't waste your money. It's not good value. Invest in a calculator a couple of books and rely on your mum and Minimins for support x
LOL funny you should say that. Just been looking at some digital scales found some reduced to £9.99 in argos weight in stone, pounds, 1/4, 1/2 & 3/4 pounds really good reviews so going to invest insome of them tomorrow. My mums already got all the books from joining in the past. Im on a mission just to find out how many points im aloud and then ill work on it all myself :) ... OH happier with me doing that aswell save him money :rolleyes:


I'm a greedy pig
i was thinking of doing the new ww plan[still might] i was wondering if ww online or at home would be cheaper than meetings...its just i am on a budget and am not sure if i can afford the 8 or 10 euro a week it would cost for the meeting

anyway sorry for barging in as usual
Dont apologise, we're all here to share and learn etc!!

I would advise at least joining the meeting for a few weeks, getting some human support and interaction, they usually do some deals thsi time of year e.g. free to join, first month for £12.99.

You may then decide you can do it alone, and you wont even need to pay for online etc.

Hi there! I find, like most things in my life, I only actually do something (gym, follow a diet) when I've exchanged cash or am held responsible by someone else - i.e GUILT!!! I really rate WW, not only because I already lost 1.5 stone on it 2 years ago really easily, but also because you learn basic nutrition which lasts for life. But if you think you've got the willpower to do it alone go for it. You're waaaaay stronger than me by far! Once you find what works for you stick to it and you'll succeed xxx
There are loads of free registration + free meeting vouchers around. There was loads in the news of the world, also some in the new ww mag.
There is no harm in going just to get the stuff you need, there were loads of new starters at my meeting the other day using them.


I'm a greedy pig
yes it seems that the meetings are best at least until you know the plan

i am ashamed to say that in the past i tried attending[and paying out of my back to education allowance i was on at the time] for meetings and didn't lose any weight after 6 months despite staying for meetings...it's due to the fact that i am greedy[hence why i am so negative at times]
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I have been going to WW meetings for years now, and I had a similar experience as I wasn't putting in the effort I wasn't getting the rewards.
Last year I decided to go it alone, and have lost a stone in a year.
This year I decided to take some of my past experiences ie I can do it on my own... But I do need some support! Like yourself I was strapped for cash so I decided to join WW online, it was only EUR35 for 3 months, rather than EUR20 to join a meeting alone plus the EUR10 a week!

So far I am findig it very good, and I would recommend it! Not only have got minimins for support, I am a community member on WW online.

SO.... I think it's good, but if you need to Learn the plan I would suggest going to a meeting, it's great to see a friendly leaders face to give you guidance when you need it!!

Best of luck in whatever you choose!!

Also if you use some of the cash back sites you can get £30 back when you sign up online. It can take awhile for the money to come through but effectively makes it free!
I agree, the iPhone app is amazing...I just used it in Sainsbury's!

sjn1982 - could you tell me which sites have the cash back offer? That sounds brilliant...although I've already signed up so it may be too late....:(
The iPhone app is fantastic as it allows you to keep up to date tracking of what you are eating as well as having an instant points calculator on the move. I'm finding it works brilliantly as I don't have much time to sit and work the point out. It easy just type in the name of the food and hey presto instant points info. Hope you do well what ever way you choose to go.
I've tried going it alone and just doing it online but it doesn't work for me. I need the accountability: the knowledge that someone is going to weigh me each week!

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