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WW Pro Points help!!

S: 14st4.0lb G: 12st7.0lb
Hi guys.

Just wanted some advice really. I was hoping that I could get some reviews on the new pp plan with ww.

I am tugging with the idea of sw or ww. I have been on sw before and lost a stone but my sister in law swears on ww as she has lost 3.5 stone.

I have looked at reviews and some are positive and some are negative. I am so confused. I would like to give it a go but the thought of points is confusing me.

Any bit of advice would be great.

I was thinking of joining on line...do anyone have the experience of online ww or would you advise go to the meetings.

Thank you all

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i joined sw and hated it, everything had to be cooked from fresh and i found this made it much more expensive. i find ww much more convenient, i can eat what i like and still lose weight. ive even had a hot chocolate cake today. im a chocoholic so ww is ideal for me and i have 3 small children so im constantly on the go. it depends on your lifestyle i think. good luck huni x
S: 14st4.0lb G: 12st7.0lb
Thanks cybernetuk's.

All my friends are skinny cow's...lol - just typical isn't it!

I only want to lost about 18lbs and I would be more than happy - need to get rid of the lovely excess baby weight!
S: 14st4.0lb G: 12st7.0lb
Hi laurenxx21.

My life style has just changed as I have just become a mum 5 months ago so I really dont have time to cook all the time and also I am due back into work nov 14th, so by the time I finish work, pick the little one up and get home, cooking from scratch is going to be a no go..unless my other half has had a really good day in work and decides to cook!

I can see that you have only just joined the plan, how do you find the points.



LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
S: 12st4lb C: 9st7lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 2st11lb(22.67%)
I would suggest SW as you know it works for you :) OR try WW to see how you get on: prefer it and stick with it or if you prefer SW after trying WW then go back to this :) Good luck with whichever you decide :D
im loving it so far. really convenient especially when im running around like a loonatic. and i sneekily had a peek on the scales and i have lost 3lb already in 2 days. also iceland sell loads of ww meals which is fab so i can grab things for the kids and for myself. how you finding life as a mum?? ive just had my third which is entertaining, shes a little madam already, my 1yo is a nutter and my 4yo now has a little attitude lol xx
S: 14st4.0lb G: 12st7.0lb
Right well I think I have made up my mind and I am going to go to iceland and poundland (for ww sauces and cookies) on sat to stock up. I have checked on the ww site and there is a class close to me on Tuesday's also, so I am going to join Tuesday. Do you fancy a buddy Laurenxx21??

Being a mum is amazing - it has taken a long time to get here with alot of heartache but we made it and we have a cheeky 5 month old boy who is just started teething...lol!!! Life IS completly different now - i even got to pack a suitcase before I go out these days...wish someone had told me about that.


Jacqui xx
id love to have somebody to join me on the journey lol x
ooo teething. connors only got 8 teeth but his molars are causing him trouble and have been since he was about 4 months bless him.
i started weight watchers just before i got pregnant with connor and i lost 13lb in 3 weeks but then i put even more on, so i have 3 lots of baby weight :s

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