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WW vs SW


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Hello everyone!!
I am thinking of moving to one of these diets! It is going to be online in either of them as they don't have meetings in Greece where I live! Do you have any recommendations at all???
All your opinions very welcome. Does Slimming world lets you free to choose what you are eating each day like WW does?
If you have the time, I would love to hear your opinions or personal stories.
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i would definatly say slimming world. weight watchers is all abut calories counting and points whereas slimming world is about eating lots of the right foods! have a look up about it but i would def recomend slimming world :) xxx
I chose SW even though WW was my closest group by far. I love the fact it has 'free' foods that you can eat as much as you like of. Only a few things (usually syns) you have to weigh. I also like the fact SW teach's you to eat properly without buying their meals.
i agree with that, no advertising! xx
Slimming World!! Slimming World!! Slimming World!! Slimming World!! Slimming World!! Slimming World!! Slimming World!!

Its by far the best and easiest to follow. You are not restricted. You never ever have to feel hungry. Almost any meal can be transformed to being slimming world friendly. The whole family can enjoy delicious and healthy meals.

Good luck with the choice Athens...let us know which you decide to choose xx
i agree with that, no advertising! xx
For me its less the advertising and more the fact I don't want to have to get their meals for the rest of my life. I want to be able to do my own (for about half the price!)


Slimming world for me to.

Despite what people say, Yes! you can have takeaways, chocolate, crisps or alcohol.

I am not advocating them as staples but I hear time and time again people saying this and its not true.

With an allocation of up to 15 syns you can enjoy all of the above or extra bread or cereal. You just have to decide what you would like to spend your syns on most.

Besides that, as others have said depending on the plan you follow you can enjoy plenty of free food on protein, carb or a combination of both based plans.

I eat what my family eats even the kids enjoy all the recipes, which is a bonus.

There is lots of conflicting info about both plans you just have to work out what suits you best and stick with it.

There are lots of success stories for both plans, I just happen to love sw.


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Thank you everyone!!!!
It's great to hear your opinion, as in my country neither of these clubs exist (that's why I 'll go online) so I can't find a follower here to ask!!!!
I think I 'll go for slimming world!
P.S. in the meantime, I contacted WW.uk and I can't do their plan online if I don't have a valid UK address and bank account! So I only had one choice from the get go! Maybe that's better because SW seems to fit me best!
Thanks again for taking the time to respond!!! We 'll be in touch!
Good luck with the plan. Hope to see you in the SW section.
Hi everyone! It's been a while, but I just made up my mind (and got paid) and I joined Slimming World!! :) I joined to now to read about the program and plan my shopping and meals for immediately after Easter. Right now here, we are fasting and we are going to eat a lot of fatty foods on Saturday and Sunday...
I have some questions about the plan so I am moving over to the SW section!!
thanks a lot, all of you who took the time to answer! You are great!
Happy Easter!!
I hope I 'll see you at SW threads!!