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X factor


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I love it too and laugh all the way through the first ones. I have already series linked it on sky plus because its the only programme DD is allowed to stay up late for but she usually falls asleep during it so we re-watch it the next day.


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Yay....I love Shane and Leona, but I think Leon was average at best.

Ya gotta love the early shows. I wonder how Cheryl Cole will do filling Sharons boots. I think she'll be a bit of a softy.

Should be good.


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I am an X Factor junkie too! I too have already set up the entire series and the Xtra Factor to record the whole series on V+!

I agree about Leon, the Rhyd should have won last year. And I don't rate Cheryl Cole at all, it was in the paper yesterday that when an old contestant from Popstars goes on there she walks of crying saying "I can't do this". She needs to toughen up if she wants to cut it as a judge. BRING BACK MRS O!!!


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I have to say I do look forward to it as well.

It will be interesting to see how it is without Sharon...I will miss her.:sigh:
The jury is still out for me on CHeryl.
I love the x-factor aswell. just goes to show how near xmas is now when it comes back on. will be interesting to see how cheryl gets on, i like her but was a bit much when she walked of last night love get over it, its your job!!!
ohh wasnt it sooo funny with the two fella's and they had to get escorted out. they were two brothers omg i never laughed as much...do these people actually think they can sing?
some people that go on there, you wonder how the hell they can think they can acctualy sing!!! i hate the ones that cant sing but so confident that they canand think they are brilliant and i love when they get put in there place


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It does make you wonder what these people are hearing and why no one has ever said to them that they are crap!


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That man and woman got me - he had a cd and said he'd sold 180 copies, I thought oo i bet these two will be good, oh my god they were PANTS! he was worse than she was. I wonder who actually bought his cd's probably his mom lol, or he bought them himself.
I blame the parents of some of these auditionee's for encouraging their children to do something that they obviously cannot.

Surely it's better to tell your child "Look, you can't sing and if you don't stop i will need to sew your mouth up" rather than say "Oh that's great, get yourself on national TV and be humiliated"

The only part i don't like about the show is they always have a contestant with a sob story right at the end........ and lo and behold that contestant is always the last one to audition that day....... hmmm.

I think it must be on the application form........

it also helps if you claim that music is "Your life" and that your great aunt Ida cries everytime you sing (obviously the feedback on her hearing-aid is causing her distress)

As for Cheryl Cole, i thought the bit with her not wanting to vote was just stupid........ what if her vote had meant the difference between him being put through or being put out, would she have coming running back saying "YES?"

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