x2 shakes on 1000 - when?


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Ideally - as outlined in the yellow booklet - you should have one at breakfast and one at lunch - but I don't think it matters too much when you actually have them. It's more important to make sure you're counting your calories accurately.


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I started 1,ooo on Tuesday and have been having 1/2bar for brekkie a soup for lunch and other 1/2bar in evening.Had 150kcale fruit which I have had during the day.
Finding it ok.
How are you doing?


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thanks Libbie, I am starting 1000 tomorrow, have found things ok so far on 790 but am worried the hunger may hit me from tomorrow when I introduce cereal and carbs!

I have got some new scales so I can weigh everything. am gonna keep things simple to begin with and keep to the recommendations in 'the book'

I wont be able to do 2wks on each level as ideally recommended but will build up to 1500 over the next few wks in time for christmas where I intend to have a few days 'off' I have a few social 'dos' before xmas where if I decide to have the eve 'off' I will definately being back on restricted cals the next day - unlike my 'old' life where an evening off any diet led to several days or over eating and eating rubbish!!