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Xcellerate Sliming Tablets


Personal Trainer
never heard of them??

but i aint a fan of slimming pills, if it were that easy we would all be kate moss ;) x
there's a journalist here in ireland saying that these tablets have got her from a size 16 to size 8. I have googled it and there is a few ppl saying they lost weight on them. ? not sure, im doing Tone and Slim tablets, not really to lose load weight but more for my eating controlment if such a word exists lol i found when i went back on weight watchers i was very hungry. I did ww before and i was never this hungry. The slim and tone are working grand, im not hungry like i was a few days ago. So that alone im happy. :)
very intresting...from what my science teacher told me, these tablets do exist for sure and they do work to help reduce fat.

but theres one big side effect, apaarenty you will produce greasy feaces as a result lol, because of all that fat being let out.

so if these are the tablets my teacher was talking about, then you should look into any side effects. personally i would burn fat the normal way, because the benefits are not only in reduce of tommy size. you feel better, your skin gets better, your hair gets better and your general health, your stamina gets better etc - i dont think you will realise these benifits with artificial products.
Konvictz you are thinking of Xenical, which these Xcellerate tabs are most certainly not.


Personal Trainer
A woman from work came to me with a leaflet for an even more shockin pill....a size zero pill :eek:

clenbuterol :eek:

i was shocked! i had to slap her :copon: lol


is loving CWP xx
I have just been reading about clenbuterol and it actually asthma treatment for horses!!! I can't believe what lengths some people will go to to loose weight. I'm horrified!!!!
It really is shocking isn't it? There is a drug called Ephedrine which is just like a cheap version of speed really.
Makes you sweat, heart rate go up the lot.

Nasty stuff.

Just get on with it really! If there was a magic pill, we should all look thin and there would be no room for the billion pound industry of weight loss!!!


Personal Trainer
I believe that Clen is banned in Britain
i had this discussion at the gym, apparently its not illegal to take, (same laws as a class C drug) as its classed as a performance enhancing drug (although for horses too so work that one out!!!) :eek:....what is illegal is to supply it, hence you have to order online from places like thailand (AS IF!!!) .....

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