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Xenical and slimfast?

yeah id say def ask the doctor just incase its dangerous or anything
i would ask your doctor for a deffinate answer, but tbh i wouldnt think it would lead to any more weight loss, i was on Xenical and my diet in general was healthy and low fat, i just struggled with snacking etc, so i didnt see a major diference with regards to the tablets because as you take them with every meal and my meals werent high in fat it didnt really need to do much, so if you took one with SF, which doesnt have anywhere near 15g of fat in, it wouldnt really do that much, and remember your body needs some fats!!
Fair enough guys, thanks for the replies. Will just see the doc when i go back in sept. Im actually struggling to stick within the 15g fat rule. Maybe i should come back to slim fast....
I wouldn't think it would hurt. Slimfast has only about 7 grams of fat in. If i were you i wouldn't bother taking one with the slimfast and just have one with your evening meal. And remember if you need to ask anything you don't have to wait till you go back to the doctor for advice, just ask the parmacist. The one in Boots are very knowlegable about xencial as they run a weightloss programme where you can buy the pills from them. Or they used to at least.
Will go to boots tomorrow then. Im just constantly worried about the 'tango' effects, not a god way to diet. I know if i eat right its shouldnt be a problem but its just always at the back of my mind, especialy when im out and about!!
i only once in the whole time i was taking the tablets had an accident and i was very lucky, i was actually on holiday in Dubai and we had been out for Mexican food the night before (lots of cheese and cooked in fat!!) the next morning i just reeeeeaaaalllllyyy needed the toilet, i wont go into any more detail because its unnecissary and you probably dont want to know!!lol!!but like i said i was lucky i was indoors and near a loo!like you said tho as long as you eat well you will be fine and if you know it might happen it will stop you being naughty!! good luck at Boots, let us know how you get on!!xx

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