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Xenical and Slimming World?


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Hi all,

I have been reading and 'lurking' on this forum for a little while now, but thought it was about time I started to post!

I lost 4 1/2 stones with SW a couple of years ago, but for various reasons have put back on about half of what I lost.

Saw my GP today for other health problems, and we generally discussed weight loss. I had asked about referral for a Gastric Balloon but was told that local guidelines for referral meant a bmi of 60 or 45 with related health problems - although I have the extra health issues, my BMI is not high enough, so that was a no no.

She suggested I try Xenical. Has anyone here followed the SW diet alongside Xenical? It seems that as long as each food is under 5g of fat per 100g should not cause a problem with the Xenical.

I have the SW Extra Easy booklet, lots of their recipe books, and get the mag, and probably most importantly I did like the SW diet (although found lack of decent quantities of bread a pain!) . It did work and from reading through the forum it looks as though EE is working well for most people - although it does seem hard to get head round free red and green at each meal!

I have about six stone to lose, so would love a good kick start. Any feed back would be appreciated.


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I tried xenical a few years ago but didn't like it, never had any side effects from it, just personal preference really. I have done slimming world in the past and have been back on plan since Feb, I like the EE plan, but it does not seem to suit everyone, I am sure as SW is low fat it would be fine with the xenical. Good luck whatever route you choose to go down, I too have a lot to loose, having lost nearly 4 1/2 stones already, but still have about 5 to go.


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I was given xenical last year and in jan this year. My doc gave me no diet advice, no check ups or anything. So, I still do not know how they work alongside a well balanced healthy eating plan. I think they could help boost weight loss on SW, as it is a low fat eating plan.

Good luck with getting on plan :)


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I have about six stone to lose, so would love a good kick start. Any feed back would be appreciated.
Hiya Jane,

I'm sure you'd find doing SW alongside taking Xenical ok, as long as you stick to the <5g and <15g rules (since I don't look at the fat content of things, I don't know how much of SW food is ok for that, but it is designed to be a low fat plan.

My only thought is that I'm not sure how much of a 'kick-start' you would get by using it. Xenical is twice the dosage of the much-advertised Alli, which claims for every 2lbs you lose with diet and exercise, you'll lose an additional 1lb by taking Alli, but I don't know the figures for Xenical here.

Personally, I would say if you've had success with SW in the past, try it again and if you start to plateau at a high BMI (that makes you eligible to be prescribed Xenical), call it in then. If you can be strict with yourself on syns and no cheating, I don't see how much Xenical is going to help. Do you get free prescriptions?


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Thanks for all the replies. Dr. gave me the prescription and I have just had it filled (don't get free prescriptions Paperclip, but pre-pay yearly).

Very little advice in the pack, so I think I will start SW without Xenical for at least the first few days to get back into the SW way again. As I am due to see dr again in one month will start them over the bank holiday weekend when I am at home for a few days just in case!!

Just been shopping so I can get my meals for the next week organised. I found that if I did not have everything planned last time round, then I did not stick to the diet properly, so trying not to make that error again.



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One of the lads I work with was put on Xenical. He was very overweight and had very high blood pressure. He lost a shedload of weight and looked FAB. That was a few years ago. I saw him the other week and he's put all his weight back on again. So it may help you lose weight, but if you don't change your lifestyle then it won't make any difference, the choice is up to you.
hi all im new

i have been on xenical for 1.5 weeks have lost 8 lb so far and i also follow slimming world plan but dont go to meetings. most of the time i either just cook what i fancy or have weight watchers meals if im in a bit of a hurry. ive still got another 35-36 kg to lose so still a long way
*hopefully my ticker will be on the bottom of this, they dont seem to copy properly*

i find it very hard to resist unhealthy things so my doctor as put me on xenical as a deterrent! and its worked ive lost 13lb in 3 weeks! all because i know i cant diet cheat!! so i recommend them if your like me and struggle big time!!
Hey Sharon,

I have just been given these today! Are u sticking to the sw plan to the book am i just to try cut out thinks like lots of fatty things? I read on the internet choc is bad and stuff like that which is bad also on sw!

I have no idea what i need to do? x x

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