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Xenical exercise and stay at home mum

Havent long been on the tablets and with other half doing 12 hour days older son being on 6 weeks holidays and a new born baby as well as doing all the house up im finding it hard to find the time to exercise, when my son was in school it was easier as i was walking the half hour walk to his school and back 4 times a day, also going for long walks with baby in the pram but now its harder to leave the house for a walk as my son will not walk far he cries when he is tried so im not walking as much during the day, ive got the wii fit its just finding the time to get on it at the min especially as baby is still feeding every couple of hours or so, as soon as i find myself getting into something he starts for a feed. ive decided that as soon as kids are in bed and other half im hitting it from tonight onwards, and as soon as son goes back to school in september (roll on lol) im going to start the zumba on the wii.

Hope everyone is doing better then me for finding the time x
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I struggle to find the time too between and that's just with work commitments! I've found the wii really helpful and also 'Step to the beat' is good but fairly addictive. Good luck with finding some time over the holidays does your son have a bike? Could he ride while you walked with the pram? I'm sure some of the others on here will have helpful suggestions. Even a little exercise is better than nothing!


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Are you breastfeeding the baby?

I was advised not to feed and take Xenical as they've not determined if it crosses through the milk.

Also, how old is the baby? Don't rush into loosing weight too soon after giving birth.


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Yeah I also read that xenical shouldn't be taken when breastfeeding and you should wait till babies 6 weeks old before starting any weightloss xx
Hello I'm kinda in the same boat as you, I have a 3 year old & a 4 month old, my 3 year old is a good walker & will walk quite far but she walks so slow so can't really get any sort of speed up! When she starts pre-school in sept I'm going do lots of walking with the pram & try & do a fitness class a week while my mum has baby, I have just bought a couple of fitness dvds so gonna try & even do 20 mins a night & like you say wii fit, it is hard in the evening isn't it as your tired & just want to relax after they have gone to bed, I'm just concentrating on losing the weight 1st & will step up the exercise in sept & at least I will be lighter & find exercise a bit easier! good luck
Breast feeding should help with weight loss I lost 10kgs while breast feeding.. My 1st son in about 6 mths.. I breast fed him till he was 14mths.. Keeping to a fairly normal diet, with low fat dairy.. Got to within 5 kgs of pre- pregnancy weight.

At the moment loosing weight from last pregnancy (20mths ago lol ) didn't loose as much with breast feeding as was bit depressed about having complications after c-section... Retained clot, they should have given me a D&C bleed for 4-5 mths every day! Ate way too much sweet things!! And the weight just stayed there and added bit more Lololol

Anyway breast feeding and bottle are personal choices :)

Hope all goes well, best you sleep with baby rather than exercise :) can't diet while tired and stressed ( at least I can't)

Try walking to somewhere fun, then maybe your son won't moan so much :) reward him for each 5 mins with a star! With nice reward after getting 25???
Thanks for the replies everyones suggestions are well worth giving a try, My baby son is 10 weeks tomorrow and is bottle fed as he wasnt getting enough he is a very hungry baby so glad i didnt breast fed else id be walking round with them permantaly out and having to produce more milk then a heard of cows x plus if im honest its not just baby weight from this one which im wanting to loose its also from my 6year old lol was using him as an excuse till got pregnant with this one :(


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I know that feeling well except my eldest is 12 lol,but had my 4th and final baby 6 months ago so got no excuse now.
Have u got a park near you-perhaps walk to the park that way little one is too excited to be tired xx


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Oh ok! I read that the baby was still feeding every couple of hours and assumed you were breast feeding sorry hun!

I have found some great workouts on youtube. I'm currently doing a 'walking workout' one. It's not too complicated and you don't need too much space to do it in. You could pop the baby in his chair and he could watch lol.

My son is 2 now and I do it when he's playing in the same room. Sometimes he joins in by stamping his feet lol.

Good luck x
Will give youtube a try, have done the wii fit again this morning up at the crack of dawn with other half off to work and hungry kids.

My 6 year old decided to join in on the wii fit although he got fed up of not getting the highest scores and gave in lol, going to do just dance with him later he likes that and if i work hard im sure id sweat some off ha x


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Do u have sky + there's some exercise/keep fit programmes on the wellbeing channel (or summat like that) you could record them and do them when u have time x
youtube has great workouts and they are free but again its finding the time same as the wii , i reckon holding your baby and walking around getting him to sleep if you can manage it , just that little amount will use a lot of energy and even climbing the stairs slowly if your still low on energy. but when you feel like more time and energy it will be easier x

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