Xenical - some questions



I just took my first xenical tablet this evening. How much weight can I lose in say 1 month of being on the tablets? Is the weight loss faster at the beginning, or when you've been on them a while?

Does the weight stay off if you continue to eat healthy once off xenical?

And finally, sorry if this is a silly question, but will you lose more weight if you are eating more fatty foods? As I heard if you eat healthier theres hardly any fat to get rid of?

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Hi & welcome!

Right then how much weight you can lose obviously depends on what you weigh to start with, I lost 1 stone in my first month & now 3 months in I have lost 2 stone 5lbs, the first week is normally successful as you lose a lot of water.

The idea of the meds is that it teaches you the right food choices so yes it should stay off once you finish on them

I don't ever eat more than around 20g of fat a day as I don't want the possible side effects if I eat too much & I also think that if I eat this way it will be training me for the maintenance after meds end. The tablets will get rid of a third of whatever fat you eat so if you don't eat too much yes there is less to get rid of but you aren't eating it in the first place so I would say its six & two threes.

There is a sticky post with advise for new starters

Any other questions just yell & Good Luck with your journey xx



Thanks for your reply, will taking 3 tablets a day make more of a difference than if I was to just take 1 at dinner time, and eat healthily during the day?



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Everyones different, but I felt it took about a week for the xenical to build up in my system. I take it three times a day. It keeps me in the habit of doing it. In the past, I would skip it if I had little or no fat in my meals, but them I found I sometimes forgot. Taking it with every meal, I don't ever forget.


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The instructions say to take 3 a day with meals, so it builds up in your system and work on what you are eating.. Even if you only eat a little fat at breakfast it is still working on that fat so is worth it :)