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Violet is shrinking
No, it's NO MORE than 5grams of fat per 100grams and NO MORE than 15grams per meal. I explained this in your other thread and put an example chart up for you to look at, did you see that?

I don't understand what you mean by "diet ideals" what do you mean? If you're taking Xenical, then you're on a diet?

I am trying to eat normally, just reduce the fat in each meal.. I eat cereal with skimmed milk for breakfast, weight watches meal for lunch, with salad, dinner is harder as I am cooking for whole family.. I have lean meat, carb - (baked potato, pasta, rice) loads fresh veg (carrots, broccoli, beans, salad etc) All weighted and measured and all I eat I record in my fitness pal app which really helps.

But their are loads of diets out there, weight watches etc have a look at some of the other forum threads

Good luck
I'm following weight-watchers but you still have to be careful about the fat content. I bought some ww cereal bars for a replacement breakfast but they were so high in fat, because they contained peanuts, so just be careful. I'm sure you will be fine.



Violet is shrinking
Breakfast is a very important meal...eat breakfast like a king :)

Cereals and toast with a piece of fruit or juice is a good breakfast.

You need to make sure you eat a good breakfast, as it kicks starts your metabolism for the day :)
'Oats so simple' is a good low fat breakfast. You can get so many flavours. Golden syrup is my favourite, i've got my hubby and dad on to it too. I make mine with skimmed milk but it's fine to have semi-skimmed as well. Just another idea for you.

Having a roast today with roast beef dont think i can but i take fat off meat instead of roast studs i have 2/3 boils potatoes veg and maybe oxo gravy i notice diffent in my self get weigh torm x
Think i wrote it down but lost paper silly me but i notice my belly gone really down and my fella notice my bust which he wasnt happy i said cant win can i men for you,i reply just have to be happy with smaller bust lol and i lost today another 7 half pounds :)

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