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i stopped taking mine cos they made me ill but my auntie tried them and she was ok. just dont eat any greasy foods x
I took them a few years back and had side effects of "the greasy stuff" - very unpleasant and also very bad headaches. Was on them for 4 weeks and to be honest they didn't seem to make much difference as I was still only losing 2lb per week but with side effects that often prevented me from exercising.

As with all medications though, they will be different depending on the person taking them so hope they work for you. Good luck x

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I took Xenical when I was doing the SW plan a little while ago and in 4 months I lost 2lbs. I followed the plan 100% and was gutted.
During that time, I went through masses of new underwear....you cant cough or sneeze while taking Xenical!!! Not only that, but the amount of washing up liquid that you get through when you go to the loo is unbelievable.
Email me if you want more information, but I think thats pretty much covered it! Lol

oh dear ,that sounds really gross, what is it for?
and why does it all become greasy? and why the washing up liquid?
You leak bright orange grease alice, with out warning, i changed clothes 7 or 8 times a day on a good day, on a bad i had to wear what i'd washed in the morning,
The idea with Xenical is that it stops your body from absorbing too much fat that you eat. So, I thought that I could get away with the SW plan......I was wrong!


soon to be skinny minnie
Is that another name for orlistat? If it is all i have heard are horror stories. I saw a programme about it once and the woman was out shopping and messed herself, everyone seen her and there was nothing she could do .
Yes it is exactly the same thing and Reductil is the other one.
OMG thats not good then- why do docs prescribe it then ?
Torture!! Lol
I all seriousness, they do work, but you have to practically have a brown rice and lentil diet in order not to suffer the side effects!
Tip...never ever wear white pants!!!
My mate at work was on that reductil and she's never said anything, maybe didnt want to.


soon to be skinny minnie
How about diethylpropion and phentermine have any of you tried them, these are the only proper slimming tabs i have tried. They do work but made me extremly grumpy, not sleep well and spotty, oh and nervous all the time and grumpy grumpy grumpy. I paid for them at the national slimming centre as my gp only prescribes orlistat and reductil and i have heard too many horror stories.
iv been on them and they are still in the cupboard, they just made me constipated, i tried reductil to reduce my appetite and they worked was hardly hungry but i was constipated, as i was eating junk food, so if i ate healthy i would have been able to go. my partner lost 2 stone on reductil in 3months so they work.


soon to be skinny minnie
I was put off reductil as the dr at the national slimming centre told me that one in 30,000 have died taking them. This scared me off them and i'll prob never take them.

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