Xmas Fear

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Im really starting to get anxious about the christmas period! and keeping up the momentum especially with all the temptation ...But i am due on my monthlys on xmas day..argh! My missus wants me to have a day off from my blue friend on xmas day so i can enjoy lunch with her...Today i feel very out of sorts but im not sure if its because im due...Hmphhh Hope to be in a clearer frame of mind tomorrow! This weather is driving me nuts too!!! Not much power walking to be done when i nearly break my neck just shuffling..Hehe. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY :D XXXXXX
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I won't be taking the pills on Xmas day - for a start we'll be having prawn cocktail for a starter and I know that mayonnaise is really really evil on them.

But yep exactly the same, trying not to fall off the wagon just in case I don't get back on. And while i have managed to get out for a walk every day this week, it's now midday and everything is still white with frost. So I'm not going to bother today (or I'll probably break my neck :D)
S: 16st4lb C: 15st12lb G: 12st12lb Loss: 0st6lb(2.63%)
[email protected]... Well christmas was a bit of a nightmare to be honest, I decided to have christmas day off from my little blue friend, so had a full on dinner with all the trimmings and a mince pie. I have had the odd chocolate here and there.I had a new years roast lunch with the wife, but my God have i paid for it been doubled up with stomach cramp, and been tangoed twice,. :( I was really upset about it last night but i have just started a new day today, ive been shopping and bought lots of nice fresh things and planned a lovely weeks worth of meals. Im a size 18 bottom and 16-18 top so im still heading in the right direction. How about you hunni? XXX


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aww well least your getting back on it now! you sound like your motivated!


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Hey hun! whats a bitta tango! Everyones had a pooo christmas weight wise! (lol most hahah) so dont worry! Ive gained half a blumin stone in december whhhoooopsie!

The only thing that matters is u r back on plan now!

Gud luck lovey!

Love katie


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yeah dammmm straight katie...

xmas is a time for us all to cringe :) but we deserve that treat time so hush up :p

your shrinking in inches tooo so smileeee...

my xmas was pretty okay i stayed as usual teh strict meeee lol.. but i think its more out of fear of stopping taking my bluey friend then anything lol i dont wanna jinx my progresss. xxx