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~*~xsarahloux refeeding diary~*~

Wow. I'm here. I can't believe it! It's pretty on the other side!

Started Size 24/26 22st 1lb
Now Size 14 13st
Loss = 9stone 1lb
= 52 inches

Ok so here we go, phase 2 of Operation: Transform Sarah.


B: Choc Shake
L: Choc Shake
D: 5oz Chicken, rocket, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, celery, balsamic vinegar

* 2x cup of tea w/skimmed milk (oh my god - how good is tea?!!)
* 2x black coffee (no sweeteners - hardcore)

will update later if i crack open a diet pop and to let you all know how dinner was!! i'm having candles and a wine glass for my water and everything to make it all special. :D



* half can pepsi max (was so fizzy the boyfriend had to have the other half!!)

oh my - dinner was amazing! only managed half of it - that is so not like me but not unexpected!

struggled to get to sleep last night though - wondering if my body was attempting to work overtime on digestion and kept me awake? thoughts?

so weighed myself at home friday morning as will be going by those scales from now on. i was 12st 10.5 (WOO!!) the question is - do i award myself those extra pounds lost as part of my weight loss?! hmm i will think on it.

c'mon day 2! xxx

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Well done hun! Balsamic vinegar is to die for seriously i had a freak out (a good one) first time i tasted it. I bought new plates and everything for my refeed and had lovely candles and everything. Im so glad i done it, its a big thing even bigger for you coz you have been doing TFR twice as long as i done it. Im so excited for you!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Enjoy chick :D x

B: Choc Shake
L: Choc Shake
D: 5oz chicken, baked with lemon & pepper, small salad, balmasic vinegar

*3 x tea with skimmed milk
*1 x can pepsi max
* still on 2litres water a day

dinner was amazing again! very filling but determined not to get too full as i dont want my stomach to stretch!

B: Choc Shake
L: tin of tuna (130g) small salad, balsamic vinegar
D: 5oz chicken breast baked in lemon & pepper, 3 small florets steamed broccoli, 2xtablespoons steamed cabbage

* loads of hot drinks today! :( 4x tea w/skimmed milk
* 2x coffee w/skimmed milk
* 1 x can pepsi max
* 2 litres water

i think i may be over doing the tea & coffee. at work i'll stick to the black coffee and water so these milk binges are basically weekends & evenings!!

tuna was amazing - i really missed it so lovely to have it back in my life!!! xx
Glad your refeeding is going well. Just eat slowly and you will have enough time to stop before you become too full. The amount of flavour in veg is amazing isnt it? i love veg even more than before i think and no gravy or sauce needed haha!

Good luck with the rest of refeed when will you be having potato?


running strictly on fat!
Oh, you are doing so well chick!!! It really is amazing to be able to enjoy all these flavours. Good luck with your refeed xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Sarah, seems that your refeed is going well for you. Hope you are really enjoying being in the real world of food again after so long on tfr.
thanks everyone!! still going strong...

Day 4

B: Choc shake
L: 4oz chicken, salad & balmasic vinegar
D: 6oz cod fillet, poached in skimmed milk with mushrooms, broccoli and cabbage

* 2x tea w/skimmed milk
* 2x black coffee
* 2 litres water

oooo fish was lovely!!! potato night tonight!! xxx


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Glad you are enjoying it chick :)
Really hope you enjoyed your potato. xxxxx Your cod idea in milk sounds interesting how much milk do you use??
oh ann-marie, seriously you have to try it - its lovely!! just put enough milk in to nearly cover the fish. gorgeous!

oh god potato so filling. didnt manage it all though. ah well!!

so DAY 5

B: Choc Shake
L: Tuna salad with balsamic vinegar
D: 4oz chicken breast oven baked with basil, salad & small jacket potato, LF From frais

oh so good. xxxx


running strictly on fat!
oh ann-marie, seriously you have to try it - its lovely!! just put enough milk in to nearly cover the fish. gorgeous!
Couldn't agree more - always done it this way and it's yummy :flirt2:


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Cod in milk ....... spill the beans ... tell me how long you cook it for etc! lol


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Wowwwww sounds delish!! Did you use fresh or frozen cod?? x


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Ah okies! I have to try that one & sooooonnnn!! :drool:
Thanks for the recipe. I will try it out defo. So right about the potato its very hard to finish the first day I kinda over cooked mine so my experience with baby potatoes is better so have stuck with them now but must try a baked potato again.

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