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y did i do it!

Hey Kirst, we all do things for a different reason, you've learnt that you don't eat for hunger, so something else must have triggered off the need to eat. What you can do is identify the trigger and try to eliminate it from your life. Don't cry over spilt milk, just clean it up and learn from it. I'm sure you have not harmed yourself much. Take it as a first experience and get back onto the wagon. Good luck hunny. XX
hey maheen thanks for the advise i no i can do this because i want it so much ive been over weight for so long now and fed up , i have to children under the age of 2 and they take up my whole day i dont even think of food but at nite when kids go bed.. ive now realised its my boredom i need to keep myself occupied thank you x


Only a few more pounds...
Pick yourself up and dust yourself off- When you cheat, understand the consequences-

You did it, and it's over with, so carry on as per normal, and don't do it again.

Think of your goals and how far you've already come.

Thank you thats exactly wot im doin now i can do it ! i no i can cum on the summer for us all were gunna be sum skinny *****es woop!woop!


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i had a near miss today, i picked up a Wisper bar, thought about it and decided to put it back, this is a major move for me cos i used to have a couple a day,

Good luck Kirst we can all be skinny minnys
Thanks hun im gutted i did it but its done now and moved on im just soooo excited that this summer i wont be wearing jumpers and bein all hot n bothered constantly and ill be showin my hot bod off yay good luck x


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dont beat yourself up, like others have said you made a mistake put it behind you and move on, I made mistake today my children bought me a box of roses chocolates, they have been in my fridge all week without being touch, today i had one, but only one so all though i slipped i didnt slip that far as before i would have devoured the whole box.
Thank you for all the advise i wont be doin this again believe i felt like crap wasnt worth it at all im goin strong now cant wait for my nxt weigh in cum on! yay!

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