Y IS THIS !!!!!


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ok ok - What is going on - I am on week 4 and i am starving today what the *&^*!!!!!! I just wanna give it up and have some food - I am still in Ketosis so y is this happening

I have come on today so could this be it!!!!!

I also had a blip on Xmas Day & Boxing Day - Well say it was a blip i had what i would be allowed on AAM week and was still very strong in Ketosis the day after and still am now but am SOOOOOOOOOOOO Hungrey HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't cope with this -

Nicola :(
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Busy busy busy!!
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Could be TOM - or could be emotional hunger ........ this time of year and all that.
Alot of people have posted they feel a little down today - think it is the anticlimax feeling after Xmas - before New year.

Stay with the no eating - and it'll pass. Try brushing your teeth, go for a bath etc etc ...... and you'll soon be fine.


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Gotta congratulate you Nicola on sticking with your focus during this time of the year....that alone is a major achievement.

You have proven that you can do this now all you need to do is believe it and you'll get through it...good luck, hun....xxx


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yeah, I'm sure its just that you have had a few bits to eat over christmas, and reminded yourself what you think you are missing (read carefully....not actually missing just think you are). That and as has been said this time of year really is bad for the anticlimax feeling!

That and the hormones.... honestly, just try your best to ride it out and I'm sure by tomorrow you will be feeling normal (if you are ever normal!) tomorrow