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Yay loads of new faces. Oh and I'm back!


Morning all. Yes I know it's been ages. madam Fuffa has been off gallivanting and being a very naughty lady!. I came off my National slimming diet in Nov. Since then I've managed to eat and drink the whole of south London. I have gained a whole 8lbs and well I need to get it removed off my thighs (Why does it always end up there and on my hips?!)

So here we go 1000 cals a day, madam moody on the pills and no drinking whatsoever for the next 4 weeks. I can do this……... right?
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Hey Preetone! I see new faces but the usual no replies! same old here then lol .Hows things with you?
Why hello ms dot! long time! Aww thank you. How are you doing? You photo looks great btw how are you getting on?x


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yeah things got quite chatty in jan/feb, lots of posts, and its all dropped off. in all fairness i stopped loggin in every day as there was no action. but im checking every nite again.

are u back to ur last diet? or just cal counting?
No same one and currently fighting about it too on here...lol
best diet I have done. Yeah that's the thing about CC. CD was always busy as anything I suppose because we're all eating we're not hiding online all the time!
Hi all!

Good to see some old faces still on here. I haven't been on for ages!

I gave up CC as I couldn't cope with all the food!! Not just that, I got to stalemate and was fed up of counting, being careful etc. :( I have just been eating what I like, little and often, and all good stuff. I am now 3lb off target - wooh ooh! It all started happening for me after I started eating homemade flapjacks for breakfast, from a recipe in a body building magazine :eek: I swear they are my holy grail!! :8855:

Glad to hear you're all still at it. Jen - bet your 8lb will disappear in no time :D
Haha!! I'm not saying they are the secret, but they certainly help me! I feel so full after one too. I think it's because of the oats, being low GI and all that. Anyway, here is my recipe. I've adapted it from the original, which I'll also post. Apparently, it's the combination of rolled oats and the peanut butter. Adding fat/oil lowers the GI rating to any food. Hubby back into his body building and doing tons of research.

My version:
150g peanut butter (try to use whole nut or organic. Ideally ingrediants should be nuts, palm oil and sea salt, no sugar. Crunchy also works better)
3 tbsp honey
60g raisins (or any other dried fruit)
200g rolled oats (I use Holland & Barrats Muesli base)
2 eggs whites, beaten
1 heaped teaspoon cinnamon
3 tsp Fibre Sure (fibre supplement made from Inulin)
Knob of REAL butter!

Melt the peanut butter in the microwave for about a minute. Add to the rest of the ingrediants and mix well. Spoon into a lined baking sheet, press down, and cook on 170 for about 20 minutes.

Cut as soon as possible after taking out of the oven. Leave to cool on the greaseproof paper on a cooling rack. I get 14 bars out of mine, I use a slighty smaller baking sheet than the average one.

Have been adapting for weeks now, and find this is the best combination to keep them moist, and for them to bind properly.

This is the original recipe:
150g peanut butter
2 tbsp honey
250g dried mixed fruit, finely sliced (I reduced mine to 60g as not a big fan!)
200g oats
2 egg whites, beaten
(Makes 16 squares)

Information (per square) for original recipe:
Energy 155kcal
Protein 4g
Carbohyfrate 22g
Fat 6g

Maybe not the best for CC'ing, but all good things in there and they are de-lish!! :D Let me know if you try them.
hmmm i think i mite make them next week, this week im on a bit of a detox. cutting out sugar, bread and pasta. tryin to eat as many veg as poss and limit carbs in evening.

So think these flapjacks mite not be great atm, but next next week as a breakfast treat. Or when i go back to work, i usually have anything i can eat in the car, so these will be a good idea.

i usually have anything i can eat in the car
thats great, just remember though.. it's 500 cals per steering wheel but the gear stick in low GI so go ahead ..;) :D

I'm trying the flap jacks too x

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