Yep im a failure!

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  1. yummy mummy

    yummy mummy Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    yep although i didnt give in to the chinese i gave in to a sandwich! i cant do cd and its causing to many rows so peeps im going back to ww, hopefully should be better! i just cant do anything right at the moment
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    SO MUCH TO LOSE! Must do it this time

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    hun dont be so hard on yourself,cd is not for everyone and its an extremely hard diet to do so you should pat yourself on the back for even trying.
    you are not a failure as you have not given up on dieting just this particular one,best of luck to you in ww keep us all posted on how you are getting on,
    elaine x
  4. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    I don't think you should give up - it takes 'forever' on WW and you are still miserable - just for a LOT longer!!

    Get stuck in and shift that flab FAST!
  5. Deggers

    Deggers Member

    So you had a weakness in having a beef sandwich...

    But.. CMON!!!! You turned down a CHINESE!!!

    I think you did extremely well given the scenario.

    Surely someone should have taken your diet into consideration and either skipped the chinese or made you feel like you could have stayed at home to avoid the situation??

    If I was in the same position I probably would have caved into the Chinese.

    Dont give in....
  6. poohbearmufc

    poohbearmufc Longing 2 b a yummy mummy

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    Hun. why are you giving up? I know this is a hard diet, but hunny you can do it... PM me..

  7. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    Dont be so hard on yourself, you're not a failure. If you decide to change to WW, I still wish you loads of luck....but.......... maybe you could just get straight back on track, put the sarnie behind you & give CD until your week 1 weigh in. My guessing is that the sandwich prob wont have made a huge difference.

    Good luck whatever you decide x
  8. Isis

    Isis Ancient Egypt Nut!

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    Hi yummy mummy :)

    First of all, you're not a failure hun and I hope you feel better enough soon to alter the title of your thread :hug99:

    CD is hard. I know that. I've had 3 attempts at the SS wagon and will probably go for a fourth attempt very soon if I choose to.

    It's really not failure to acknowledge and accept that a certain weightloss programme is not working for you and choose another one. It's SENSIBLE and being in control!!!!

    love and best wishes,

    Lacey..xx :)
  9. xdebzx

    xdebzx Full Member

    cambridge SS


    what plan are you on hun?

    debs x
  10. Mushette

    Mushette Mistress Mush!

    Cambridge Diet
    Please dont think of yourself as a failure! No one thinks you are, you've been honest with yourself and others and thats a great thing in itself. My mum is finding it difficult with SS and CD and shes only on day 3. You've gotta think positive, and positive things happen. I'm keeping my mum going, because at the end of the day, we all know what happens when we stick to it! Get get the MiniMe that we all are!
    If you wanna chat, new starter to new starter (only on week2) feel free! X MWAH X
  11. jennikay

    jennikay Gold Member

    You're not a failure!
    You should be proud you managed to resist chinese! :)

    In the same way, I was faced with a lovely looking cheesy garlic bread on day 1 and I picked at the salad at the side of the plate, was I a failure? No!

    Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do SS 100% from now on, and that sandwich will just be a tiny blip in the past :)
  12. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    your def not a failure. cd is not for everyone and is hard to stick to. best of luck with ww keep us posted on your progress

    becky xx
  13. yummy mummy

    yummy mummy Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    thanks everyone, i just feel so down today about eating, as much as i want to carry on i just cant, i want fruit and salad and pasta and thats something i cant have on cd!
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