Yes!!! Hit the next target!!

Well done you! You should be soooooooo proud of yourself!!

Fantastic and well done

Fantastic news, well done Jack29! I'm proud of you!
:) I know it's early to be posting but just got up and weighed myself and I have finally hit my next goal, have just reached 3 stone loss, in 10 weeks and am now only overweight and not obese. Never thought I'd be so pleased to be overweight but I sure am!

WOW !! well done Jack- that's FAB :D :D

Congratulations! That a fabulous achievement in just 10 weeks you are justifiably proud.

Roll on the next goal. Is that to be 'normal'?!!!!

Dizzy x
Good Luck with the 790 plan Jack and achieving the next goal before so long. 790 sounds like a great way to lose the weight if you can still fast and also learning constraint with food too.

I would imagine maintenance is easier if you lose that way.

All the best!

Dizzy x
Well done Jack you have done amazingly well!! Good luck for 790 :)
3 stones in 10 weeks - Wow, it's just amazing where you can be in be if you take the plunge. This is seriously motivating.
Nice one Jack, Overweight is a great place to be, I too hit that point 3 weeks ago and it felt great,

Hope 790 works out so well for you x
Brilliant, I can't wait till I'm not 'obese'.... would love to be normal!!