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Hi guys,:wave_cry:

After much consideration and days of feeling bloated, I think I have decided to go back onto Cambridge.

Those of you who remember me I started Cambridge in October last year and lost about 2 stone over a period of 5 weeks.

I started gradually eating again about mid November - although didn't go crazy, and I maintained my 10 stone 4/5 for about 2 months.

Recently my social life has soared and I have been drinking more, eating more and not doing any exercise.

I have started to feel really bloated, my belly and waist has started to expand and I can really notice the difference! Before my waist was tiny and I felt really trim, now I constantly feel bloated and groggy.

Am I going to spend my life bouncing between CD and feeling like a walking sandwich? My double chin is coming back. I do not feel good!:cry:

I want that cleansed feeling back, the empty feeling, I think I have put on about 5 or 6 lbs? Seems small I know, but I can really notice it.

I am still a size 10/12.

Hmm..maybe not extreme enough to go back on?

What do you all reckon.

Hope you are all well, had a lovely Christmas and are still maintaining/being good on SS!!

Lots of love,

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Hi Lauren

I was thinking of you last week as I hadn't seen you around but couldn't remember your name to look you up.

My honest answer to you would be no, don't go back to Cambridge SSing with such a small amount to lose I would worry that you would start a vicious binge starve cycle and create reeal problems for yourself in the future.

If you start another healthy eating plan it can be something you follow within reason forever. I finally let go of CD a week ago myself and have been following the Gi Diet with the help of Tesco ediets and the food is fabulous and loads of it. I never feel hungry and feel like I am really looking after and spoiling myself. I have lost 4 lbs this week already and I haven't finished my week until tomorrow.

I guess if you want to use cambridge you could follow say the 1200 plan or similar. However, my recommendation would be to pick up the exercise again and eat healthily by whatever plan you choose and those pounds will disappear without too much effort.

Nice to see you around again. You are looking fab!

Dizzy x


Hi, fab that you have maintained size 10/12 (thats what im aiming for-must feel great!)!!

My advice is to do what YOU feel is best for you and your lifestyle. How much weight do you want to lose..i guess if you can stay on SS without getting caught up in the binge cycle then it could be seen as a quick fix but if it makes you obsess with 'eating'/not eating it could have adverse affect. You sound in control and so im sure the latter wouldnt happen. Maybe increasing exercise would help, Im trying that since restart and have noticed difference.

Whatever you decide dont forget to keep remembering how far youve come rather than thinking you have a big journey ahead of you!




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I agree with first poster. I wouldnt, I would personally increase the exercise and possible follow the rule of:
breakfast like king, lunch like prince and dinner like a pauper.
Keep it healthy, you have your goal, just be strict for a couple of weeks. Possibly increase water intake whilst doing more exercise...should see a difference