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yet another daft question from me ...


"The Stig" Pig
I have just made this quiche


(currently in the oven as I type)

Foolishly I didn't read the whole instrustions until after I'd plonked it in the oven. It says it has to cool for 2 hours before serving ... hubby has to leave for work in just over an hour :sign0007:

Can it be eaten or hot, or does it really need to be cooled first?

Quick responses would be greatly appreciated as if it has to be cooled then I'll need to make something else pretty quick smart.

Piggy's Bum's top tip of the day: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS IN FULL!!

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I prefer SW quiches cold, but warm and hot all work too :)
Haven't looked at your link, so not sure if there's anything in particular in this one that would make much difference.


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It can be eaten hot but it's nicer IMO when it's cool because the flavours develop and it's firmer. I still have it hot sometimes though especially as a tester when it comes out of the oven.


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...just tried, and page wont open for me anyway :)


"The Stig" Pig
thank you! I thought it was a stupid questions as I know normal quiche can be eaten hot or cold. Thought i'd be a goody two shoes :kissass: and check first though :D

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