Anyone gone from Keto to Slimming world?


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Hi 😆

Quick potted history. Lost three stone on SW about 10 years ago quite easily but was mobile then.

Fast forward to last year I was approaching 20 stone, I’m bedbound and likely to be here for the foreseeable and no health professional seemed bothered 🙄

Started eating a Keto diet and have lost 32lb last year but before Christmas the losses stopped and I have stayed the same weight since then ☹️ People can only surmise the ‘extra’ weight tha went on due to illness was inflammation which has now gone . Or something. I don’t even understand 🙄

Considering trying Slimming World although I didn’t have any losses last year in it, as apparently there’s some sort of insulin resistance you can have which is an imbalance... again I’m not entirely sure I even half understand that but ‘they’ say that more carbs might be in order

So... has anyone gone from Keto to SW and not put all the weight back on? I’m really really scared that I will 😢 although looking at RED/Original which I never tried before years back it seems a lot like Keto only you can eat sugar and more carbs. Just less of the butter and cream 🤣

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense I’ve read it over and over and I think it does... but my illness means that I can’t process words very well sometimes so this may well be entirely gobbledygook 🤣

Ty for reading ♥️
Nobody then? Arg
Oh well I’m starting Monday I think.
If I put on half a stone in the first week I’m gonna cry 😢
I have no idea whether or not it'll make a difference, lovely, but just didnt want to read and run. I hate it when that happens....... :)
Well weigh in in two days and I don’t feel like I’ve put on seven pounds
Even though I haven’t touched root veg or rice/pasta/bread I’m sure I should expect a gain . Ooooh

...we shall know what the damage is 😆
Hi I am gonna switch from keto to sworld .any suggestions pls .cant find anyone who has done that without gaining back!!!
can’t stay on keto for rest of my life .
I never did proper keto though ,took 50-100 carbs per day as was breastfeeding .
I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone else is doing this, I'm about to start SW again from keto. Lost 8lb on keto and it was looking good and then stalled for nearly 2 months. It's ridiculous, skipping out on all the things I like and sticking at the same weight - very demoralising. So I'm going to start by doing the SP side of SW and them maybe introducing more carbs slowly and seeing how that goes.