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Yet another noob to entertain and delight!

S: 24st1lb C: 22st7lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 42.7 Loss: 1st8lb(6.53%)
Hey hey everyone :)

My name is Rebecca but on the internet people just call me "Lith" because I am the self styled Queen of the Rocks *ahem*.

I first noticed I was overweight when I was about 8 years old but was having much too much fun to take any notice! I got up to 250lb's ten years later, but being that I'm six foot tall it didn't look amazingly horrendous. Just chunky. And besides, once again, I was just having too much fun to notice.

I moved away to the family home to a strange city where everything was right on my doorstep as opposed to a fair walk away, and where it's a good long bus ride before you hit anything even hinting at "rural". It was a complete turn around from my former lifestyle, but I didn't reduce the ammount of food I was eating nor increase my activity level to compensate. Indeed, being a student, I spent most of my time in bed, sat at a desk studying, or drinking alcohol and eating bad food.

Sadly, five years later I find myself married (haha, no, that's not the sad part, that's the happy parrt!) and trying for a family but unable to get nature to do her work :( Also, there was a recent obesity related death in the family which, quite frankly, scared the bejeezus out of me! I decided to remove my head from the proverbial sand and found that in the five years since moving to Liverpool, I'd put on a whopping 87lb's. I mean think about it...that's seventeen and a half pounds every year, or one and a half pounds every month. That's a lot to put on, especially when I wasn't exactly skinny to begin with!

So with obesity related issues that I hadn't even noticed before (because I just always took them as part of my life) attacking me from every angle I decided right, that's it, I'm going to loose the weight for once and for all! I succesfully lost 16 lb's at first, and was quite happy with the progress. Then I stopped loosing and plateued. Then Christmas came along...I put it all back on!

Of course, with everyone else, I resolved to loose some weight this year. I decided to aim for 48 pounds...one for every working week of the year. I was *supposed* to have lost 12 pounds by the 1st April but only lost about five. I've been having very stern words with myself about this, and have decided to look for some more support, hence I found your lovely forums :) This time I am determined not to fail!

Despite saying I never much noticed my weighty issue beforehand, of course I have attempted to loose some weight in the past. About two and a half years ago I tried out Xenical but after a rather embarrasing moment in a coffee shop I put a stop to that! A year or so later I tried out Slimming World, and ended up putting on 7 lb's! My group leader made me feel very, very small in front of every one for that and I chickened out. Besides, I didn't like their restrictive "if you miss a week you have to pay for it unless you booked it off in advance or were in hospital, and you can only book so many off in a year" - I mean I understand why that is, and for many it works wonders but for me it was like something that started as my choice turned to something forced upon me.

I've had most success in the past with counting my calories. I like to measure and weigh and analyse things, and just about everything you buy has calories printed on the packaging. Fresh produce you can usually find the calorie content with a google search. It makes me feel in control to do it this way. As such, I'm getting back on the calorie bandwagon and hoping to replicate the initial success I had with it in late summr of last year.

I like music, writing, arts and crafts, Geology (it rocks!), scientific discussions of most kinds, cooking new and interesting recipe's, and bumming around way too much on the internet. My husbands Xbox used not to bother me, but lately it has become a point of contention as we fight it out as to who gets to play Assassins Creed on any given night. I'm an unashamed player of online Horse keeping simulation games, though I've never kept horses in real life, and I like to toy with the innocent lives of my long suffering Sims.

Can't wait to get to know you all and fingers crossed loose all of this weight and get me a baby!

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