Yet another SOS from me!


biker babe!
just need soemone to give me a good talking to today.
im feeling low, hungry, weak, tired and i cant stop thinking about food. I dont want to eat but i cant stop thinking about it either. im losing sight of why i am doing this diet. :cry: i just want to go home and sleep, but im stuck at work till 5. :cry: :cry:

come on sunshine where are you to lift my mood?
Is this the same woman who has lost ONE POUND PER DAY?!!! You are rocking and rolling Keelie - why would you mess with that?! At that rate, you only need to another month and a bit, and you're THERE - a skinny mini Keelie Wheelie!!!

Chin up! xx
The sunshine is always there, just takes a bit of lifting the clouds to get to it.

Can you engross into something that will take your mind off it??

You can do it, go and lift something thats 19lbs, have you got a suitcase to hand, then you'll realise what you have lost, you will be skinny minnie keelie wheelie
my post does sound a bit moany and silly doesnt it? Ive got no reason to grumble. i think its just 'one of those days' ...again! :p

i think im just tired and fed up with work. :(
however a colleague did come into work this morning and told me her other half was really complimentary about how much weight ive lost ( i saw him yesterday and he hadnt seen me for about 4 months) :D
Its doubly nice as he is a very good looking chap! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: tee hee hee

oh, someone just kick me up the bum and tell me to 'get on with it' and stop moaning!!!
skinny mini keelie wheelie - i like it!! :D

once i reach goal i will have to change my name!
Steel toe cap at the ready hun, we all have days like that, I can remember them well!!!
only 3 more hours at work before i can go and cuddle up with hubby on the sofa. mmm. yes, i think a big hug is what i could really do with at the moment.

(and its takeaway night tonight - i might not bring the subject up in the hope that he might have forgotten) :p :eek:
tell him that he cant have one! u need the support and he needs to provide it when u r havin a weak day.

i made my hubby buy himself dinner on way home from work lastnight so that i didnt have to cook or watch him. then let the kids eat at my mums and he sat in the car with a big mac lol.

u r allowed to have weak days but shouldnt have people tempting u. im sure hes a lovely bloke who will understand.

oh he is. he's so supportive, a real sweetie. :D
Usually food doesnt bother me, neither do his takeaways as im a vegetarian and he loves kebabs and burgers. there's just something about today that makes me feel sort of uneasy?! :confused:

there's your sunshine sweetheart!!!

Stick in there KWB - you can do it ..... and cuddling up with your hubbie on the sofa sounds divine. Have a lovely evening and a great weekend!
Thanks Beverley. xx
im feeling a bit 'livelier' now, think im gonna make it!

roll on 5pm home time, im shattered!
hey! ive heard all about you and him!!!! LOL
im counting down, believe me!

Im back in tomorrow though! GRRR
BUT now ive got the internet at home so i can get on here more YAY! there will be no getting rid of me!
Hi Keelie,

We have about the same weight to get to goal and we are going to do it this year!!! Right

I have not got my full energy up as yet and my feet feel like lead, but every night I go to bed and have one more day of SSing done I do feel good about it.

I hope the scale tomorrow morning reward my efforts:rolleyes:
GO MINI! we will do this, youre so right (as always!)
and it is a great feeling in the morning to know that youve stuck to it and youre ready for the day ahead with no guilty feelings x

go go keelie & Mini!
Only 15 minutes to go!!!! Think tiny bikiny!
As for myself ...I'm starting tomorrow! I'm so excited.
I love this site. Everyone is very supportive.
good luck Paz xxxx