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I have come to the end of week 1 on CD and i have been weighing myself everyday. I lost a few pounds but when i come to weigh myself again it keeps going back up the scales, and then back down when i weigh myself again. I don't know why this is as i have stuck to CD 100% this week.:confused:
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Don't despair Shane! It could be dependent on how soon you're weighing yourself after drinking water. Your weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day and you weigh heavier as the day progresses. Wait and see what your CDC's scales say and just try to focus on the plan and staying strong. You can get a bit hung up on the scales - and thats dangerous for your morale. Stay strong - it'll happen for you! xxx ;)
Thankyou Wannabeelovely, that has put my mind at rest lol, can't wait for my weigh in tomorrow, will let you all know on MM when i have been weighed. Thanx agen.:)


Shut up Ethel
Chuck out the scales and just weigh on your CDC one! I know its tempting, very tempting, but it screws with your head. It doesn't give you a true picture, instead just giving you something to worry about which you SO don't need. Once a week is enough - look at the big picture! I have (so far) resisted the scales - i deliberately didn't find out what 'my' scales said on the day I weighed on my CDC scales, thus I can't know whether I am up, down or sideways from that number and there's no point in getting on them now. I'm looking forward to a surprise next Wednesday (nine day week!)

honestly, it doesn't help matters, so why bother?!
Anytime - its a struggle and we're all here to help each other! Good luck with your weigh-in! You CAN do it!!!! xxxx
Oh those teasing scales!! I cant resist mine and there is fluctuation through the week. It's bl**dy brilliant when they show a loss though...which they will, eventually, if you have been on plan. Good luck and post how well you have done!


WILL be Slim!
My hubby weighed me last night and was terrified to tell me i have put on 6lbs!!!!!! I drank about 5l of water and my 3 shakes yesterday at this point so it doesnt bother me!
The only important measures are a) your cdc scales ONCE a week and your measurements....
Keep focused! It WILL happen if your 100%! :)

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