Yo Yo !!!!


I didn't know what to call this thread, but this best suits me at the moment, until I think of something more appropriate to call it.

Hi all, I have really been struggling the past three days to get back on SS. So I thought maybe if a started a thread on here and vowed to log in every day to record my progress it may help me to get on the straight and narrow again:mad:

Anyway, a bit a about me. I am 42, I live in Bedford and am married with two boys. I have been overweight for as long as I can remember and always seem to be stuck in the binging/dieting cycle, I can't seem to break free and eat normally!!

At my heaviest I weighed in at 20 stone 1 pound, I joined slimming world and lost 7 stones, and stopped before hitting my target of 12 1/2 stones (I am 5' 10"). After getting back to 18 stone I joined Lighter Life last year and from March until the end of July I lost 5 1/2 stone getting down to my target of 12 1/2 stone just before going on holiday:( . I still thought that I needed to lose more even though looking back now I looked good at 12 1/2 stones. Anyway it took me over a year of trying to get back onto SSing (I even tried hypnosis and Overeaters Anonymous - both didn't help me) and I started Cambridge on 2 July 2006 losing 2 1/2 stone to get down to 13 stone 11 pounds, and with only 1 stone 4 pounds to get to my target ................. what do I do? Yep for the past three days I have been eating everything in sight (secretly). I don't want to gain weight again, I need to nip this in the bud before I do a large amount of damage. I am not enjoying food as much as I enjoyed my packs (I really look forward to my chocolate mousse and crips when on CD and I enjoy every mouthful) and it is so good to feel in control of my eating. For the past three days I have said I will start tomorrow and this never happens! So I thought I would log on here each day and speak to you lovely people!!!

Anyhow here goes for tomorrow another day another start:rolleyes: Will log on tomorrow to let you know my thoughts, I hope I haven't bored you too much I have waffled a bit but I wanted to get it down so that I could read back through it to help me. Any comments gratefully received.

PS I am on my own tonight and guess where I have been?? Yep stocked up with chocolate from Tescos, how stupid is that I won't even enjoy it after the first bit and the guilt will follow, but I KNOW I will end up eating it like a final supper!!!!
Hi Tracey, I wasn't at all bored reading your post honey, in fact it was quite comforting in a way to know that I'm not on my own in feeling like I do most of the time... I relate totally to everything you have said!!!!I'm even the same age as you!!!!
I am struggling to get back onto SS at the moment for the final push to my goal... I just seem to get in my own way all the time... somehow I don't think my head really wants me to be slim and comfortable with me!!!!!!:eek::eek::eek: I just seem to self sabbotage all of the time!!!!!! :eek::eek:
What I do know is that I have to keep working at it and I'm confident that I will get to my goal, I'm just not sure when that will be????? although sooner rather than later would be good... I am still very much work in progress but I'm not for giving in!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!
I keep thinking that these little set backs along the way are tests that will make me stronger and more able to deal with a slim me in the end ... hopefully I am learning enough about me and my relationship with food now to stay slim and healthy in the future.......

We can both do this hun...I'm with you 100%....This is our time!!!!!:)

Much love xxx:)
Hi Tracey,

I can't really offer much advice as I am so new to this diet, but i wanted to congratulate you on your weight loss so far (and in the past) I know how you feel with the guilt of eating, but for some reason we still put ourselves thru it.
Draw a line under tonight and start a fresh tomorrow. You can do it, just think in a no time at all you could be at target!

Keep coming on here when you are alone and take your mind of that food.

Big hugs
Thanks Angela and Mandy for your replies, I does help knowing that there are people out there who know how I feel and do not judge. THANK YOU.
Well, here we are continuing SSing after a 3 day 'blip'. I faced the scales this morning :mad: SHOCK HORROR!!!! I have gained ELEVEN POUNDS in three days, I knew I had been bad, but not that bad!!! Anyhow I have gained it quickly maybe I can lose it quickly. Have just had a third of a chocolate pack as a mousse (and really enjoyed it) and a pint of water for breakfast, onwards and downwards all the way this time. Will log on later.
Panic not, for the weight to go that quickly it has to be glycogen and water and that should come back off fairly quicky.

Get back to your plan and carry on :D All this does is slightly delay when you reach your goal ;)
Hi all, sorry to report I am failure again!!!!

I am really not a fan of the 'F' word I'm afraid. :(

What would you have been doing if you hadn't being trying? Far worse probably so you ARE making inroads into your problem.

We are all trying to change habbits that have been set over years and can't expect miracles. This whole thing is a process and you are just starting out on that process. :)

Now I would love to be in the same room as you to give you a quick slap for being so hard on yourself again and then a big hug to recharge your resolve. This can be done but it will take hard work over time to change your attitude.

Please carry on with the journey and learning about yourself along the way ;)
I have my uses :D

Seriously though. please stick with this and PM me if you ever want extra back up.

I know you can do this, you just have to know you can do this. ;)
You can do this. I hope with it being September 1st you have wiped the past from your memory and started again. :)

Never give up - keep trying, do it for 1 minute, then 1 hour then 1 day..

Good luck we are all here for you. xx