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  1. Watergirl

    Watergirl Rock Solid

    Does anyone here do yoga?
    I used to go a few times a week before CD, but haven't had the energy since starting.
    Now that I've gone up to SS+ I feel so much more energetic and have started it again.

    Tonight I went to class and my yoga teacher, who knows me well (but hasn't seen me since I started CD) asked me 'have you done yoga before?'
    Then she suddenly clicked that it was me and couldn't believe it!!!
    She said 'you've lost a lot of weight haven't you, what a transformation.'

    I had the same statement from the caretaker at work the other day and it's lovely that people are noticing.

    Anyway, am feeling fab after my class and wondered who else loves yoga!
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  3. Shopaholic

    Shopaholic is back to finish the job

    I haven't done yoga in years but I want to get back into it. I've made enquiries and my local country club does it so I do want to start going. My neighbour said she'd go with me, but I haven't seen her since she said she was interested :(

    Maybe I should just go on my own... it's on a Wednesday night 8-9. Think I'll start after my holidays.
  4. Shopaholic

    Shopaholic is back to finish the job

    BTW what a compliment for your instructor not to recognise you! Good isn't it!
  5. Asa

    Asa Silver Member

    Hi, I use to do astangha yoga years ago. I really loved it. I was slimmer then, and could do the positions better. I quit since it got really expensive. I got a DVD that hasn't been used more than once or twice. I was actually thinking about the DVD this morning, and thought I should give it a go.

    I love yoga, and the whole thing around it. And I am sure that will be a part in my new slim life! What kind of yoga do you do?

    How funny that your instructor didn't recognize you! A great compliment for sure!
  6. Watergirl

    Watergirl Rock Solid

    You should definitely go Shopaholic! I used to go with a friend, but am going on my own now as she often wouldn't be around. It wasn't so bad. I'm not one for going to things on my own normally.

    I got a yogalates DVD Asa, but that sat around. Find it much better going to a class, as you feel more inclined to stay in the poses if everyone else is. Plus the instructor can adjust your position if you're slightly out.

    I am doing Forrest yoga at the moment because it focuses heavily on strengthening the core muscles, which is where my back problems stem from.

    I was doing ashtanga and some jivamukhti, but with the movements being faster I'd be more likely to hurt my back.

    Look up Forrest yoga if you've not heard of it - I hadn't before I went to this centre.
  7. simdetermine

    simdetermine Member

    Hi - I do 1 hour of yoga each day - 30 minutes early morning and the same once I finish work. I have been able to di tand a on SS - but I have to say when I finished last night I was so exhausted and had to lie down - and I feel the same today and a bit faint at times - has anyone else had that?

    Good news is that I had my first weigh in today and I have lost 8lbs and six overall goal is two stone so a really really happy - if a little weak
  8. simdetermine

    simdetermine Member

    PS - It is called Zen Yoga and it is speedy but core focussed and does wonders for my slipped discs in my lower back....
  9. Watergirl

    Watergirl Rock Solid

    Not heard of Zen Yoga before. Glad that it's working for you.
    Congrats on the WI. Sometimes I do feel tired after exercise. I've just been on my x-trainer and feel a bit tired, but I just take it easy then.
    It's not anything to worry about or hasn't been with me.
  10. Sunshine Singer

    Sunshine Singer Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic

    Ooohhhh Watergirl, i must get back into yoga. I really used to love it and had a brilliant teacher. I'll have to go to a new class now as I'm in a different gym but I'll look into it. Could be a good way of getting back into exercising. Thanks for the thread. I'll let you know when I go again xxx
  11. Watergirl

    Watergirl Rock Solid

    Defo Sunshine - we can track our progress.
    I felt so out of practice last night and really struggled with some of the poses, but I'm sure I'll get there.
    I pay monthly too, so will have wasted loads if I don't go!
  12. Sunshine Singer

    Sunshine Singer Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic

    Good on you for going alone too. I did used to go alone a lot and bring the odd friend if they wanted to come. I also used to bring some students with me as it's so good for them. To be honest tho it's easier to concentrate when you're alone. I think i went on holiday and then just never went back. Had been progressing every week so much so the teacher was really helping me strengthen up.

    Good plan, I'll look up the class times at my gym xxx
  13. Asa

    Asa Silver Member

    I got really excited about starting up with my yoga again! Thanks for posting this thread! I looked up Forrest yoga, I saw some of an introduction video on youtube, looked really advanced there!

    I really like the asthanga version, it suited me well, especially with only one type of breathing. I tried Kundalini yoga as well, but never was comfortable with the "singing" and the different breathings.
  14. Asa

    Asa Silver Member

    Well done on your WI! And yes, I got really dizzy when I did exercise in the beginning. I took two aerobic classes, but it wasn't possible for me to do on CD. So now I have stuck to walking, riding my bike, and sit ups (the sit up challenge here on the forum).

    I would love to make yoga a part of my daily routine. I also have a couple of resisting tubes that I want to start using (the are collecting dust in the box at the moment :D).

    No, some action here! I will put in the DVD, and do the warm up for asthanga yoga.
  15. Watergirl

    Watergirl Rock Solid

    The poses can be quite advanced, but there are different stages for each pose, so you aren't pushed too hard.
    The movements are very slow and intense really.

    Good for you - go for it!!!

  16. Asa

    Asa Silver Member

    I did one of the warm up exercises, but had some pain in my wrists after wards, haha, I have to start slowly!
  17. Watergirl

    Watergirl Rock Solid

    This morning it nearly killed me, as my back always hurts more first thing.
    Felt great for going on Sunday morning though - was a lot quieter there than usual!!!
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