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yogurt addiction!!!

they are syn free so enjoy your lucky addiction :p



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I only joined tonight - I was told fat free natural yoghurt is free, which is OK but I like vanilla fat free - is that free or are there syns in it?
Maharg, the vanilla Mullerlight is free :D

I love yogurts too. Am so addicted to mullerlights, especially the toffee ones and the new choccie ones mmmm! Why are they so damn expensive though - I can't get to Asda either :(


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I used to have one of those *lovely* aldi wholegrain ones for breakfast every day til they got synned. 2.5 per pot now - boo hiss :(

Apparently, guidelines were changed as to what consituted 'low fat', 'very low fat' and 'fat free' - and those lovely yogurts had to be reclassified in the SW world.

just be grateful your addiction is yogurt and mine is wine :eek:
I like extra easy but then i can only have 28g of muesli gggrrrrr.. 28g is nothing, i know i could have more and syn it but then i lose out on syns..
That's why I put my allowance in the yoghurt, makes it a nice crunchy dessert!

The Yeo Valley Natural one is free on both days, but the vanilla and strawberry ones are 3.5 per 450g pot and the blueberry is 3 per 500g.
Just been food shopping came back with 16 muller lights (still buy four for a quid in asda)
I had a look for some in an Asda store last night and they were 4 for £2 !!! :cry: Will try my local store this weekend.

They're healthy and syn free (except the Aldi ones!) so don't worry, just enjoy them! :D
Yoghurt and defrosted fruit for breakfast vs. toast

I too love Yeo Valley Fat Free Original Yoghurt. On a school day I have it with defrosted blueberries and raspberries (Waitrose are the best) before I set off. It keeps me going until I get back from the school run when I have my Jordans Organic Porridge with ground flaxseed (3.5 syns for hormone control as in the perimenopause - it's stopped the hot flushes!). I used to have rye toast & marg. first thing costing me 5 syns. I've lost over 1.5 stones since I switched. In fact, I rarely eat any bread. I'm doing Extra Easy. Has anyone else found that they have lost weight quicker when they have cut out all bread?
Does anyone know how many sys are in Morrisons eat smart yogs?

I tried to calculate it online and it said 5syns, then i imput the details for the muller yogs which are free and they also said 5syns.

Does anyone know what i am doing wrong?


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Sweet, are you telling it that is is comprised of mainly free food?
No i'm not :(

Not too sure how to work the thing!!



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I bought tesco out of muller light vanila & choc haha
there were 2 crates left so I bought them both !

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