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Yogurts 49p for 12

I've started making my own yogurts and was wondering if I want to make fruit ones can I put the fruit in at the start to get a fuller flavour or is it best to just mix it in at the end.

For anyone without a yogurt maker I can strongly recommend them as I can make 12 for 49p (using asda smart price uht skimmed milk, but still looking for cheaper lol). You will save a fortune and they are no effort to make what so ever, and taste much better than shop bought natural.
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I have no idea (sorry) but what a wonderful money saving device! How much are the yoghurt makers to buy initially though?
I bought mine for £1 at a car boot but check out ebay etc. I have just been putting fresh fruit in when I eat one but wanted to maybe intensify the flavour a bit. Going to have a go at making it into soft cheese later in the week with home grown herbs, apparently I just need to let the yogurt drain through some muslin over night and hey presto cheese!


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It may be worth trying frozen fruit as I've found that e.g. frozen raspberries tend to be a bit "juicy" as they thaw which mixes in nicely with the yoghurt.


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i have the easi yo yogurt maker and think its really good, just mix the powder with water and sweetner and leave over night for 12 hrs the low fat one is free on sw as well


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If you search on google you'll find loads of useful information on making your own yoghurt. You don't even need a special yoghurt maker as you can just use a flask!


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I have been watching the Easi Yo yoghurt makers on the Ideal World Shopping channel for ages now.

I think I will get one now, the yoghurt flavours that you can buy are delicious.

I wonder if Asda or Tesco direct sell them?....
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I've only seen them in Julian Graves and Lakeland.


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QVC and a few other places do EasiYo as well but it's the sort of thing that turns up at car boot sales quite a lot or try freecycle to see if someone has one they don't want any more.

The sachets are quite expensive (around about £1 each which makes 1 litre of yoghurt) but you can get around this by using either some of your last batch or a shop-bought bio yoghurt as a starter for your new batch.


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I've discovered 2 EasiYo yoghurt starter kit's.

Lakeland it's £18.99

QVC it's £15.12

But I prefer Lakeland as I have bought quite a lot of things from there and I have never been disappointed.

Hope this helps anyone who is considering buying a Yoghurt maker.

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