You are what you eat


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Well, when I found my Food Doctor Everyday Diet book last night, I also found Gillian McKeiths You are What you Eat Cookbook....

Am also wondering if anyone has followed this and what they thought of it!
i to have both books, but find it hard to follow i dont get home till 6 and dont want to be cooking till 7 then eat i want something quick, ideas are really good thou
I did this after giving up smoking and trying to cleanse my body before ttc. I have to say it was really good and I felt really healthy (didn't lose much weight though) and tried her recommendation for conception and fell pregnant straight away!! It is quite fiddly though with lots of beans and stuff like that!!
think the food Dr is better, he has good weight loss on his A list diet program, i am going to try to eat like this and low GI when i come off the diet and try to keep off the carbs
Well at least her conception stuff worked for you!! I'm not really looking at it to lose weight, I intend to stick with CD til I am at least 11 stone, but I am kinda thinking that I need to start researching my long term diet, one that will be suitable for both me and my daughter cos there is no way in hell I am buying 2 sets of food and cooking 2 different dinners each night!!