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You can have take aways!


Starting Again!
And I don't mean the do it yourself, at home, syn free versions, I mean the real ones!

I think the mistake most of us make is that take aways are full of fat and calories so there is no way I can have any so sod it - have one anyway and give in for that day.

I've just been flicking through my book and it's suprising what you can eat, for example I do Green days and I could have the following meals;

Chicken and cashew nuts, 330g serving 18.0 take 6syns off for the chicken and that's 12 syns then 300g of fried rice is 4 syns so thats 16syns on green!

6 chicken nuggets 13syns - take 6 off as its chicken so heb and regular fries 8.5syns so thats 15.5syns
KFC - obviously less synfull if you do Red!
Crispy strips 7 syns each
Mini Fillet 15 syns
Regular Popcorn Chick 16.5 syns
Avalanche no topping 7.5syns

Fishcake ea 7.0
Chips 227g 17.5
Cod/Haddock no batter 9.0

Subway (6g fat or less)
Veggie Delite 10.5
Roasted Chicken Breast 15 (take 6off for heb)
6 inch subway melt 17.5
there's loads!
Don't be so flippant, its not all bad! Sure you might go over syns slightly, but that's what flexi-syns are for :D

(I copied this from an old thread I started)
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I remember your old thread about this. It's good isn't it. I quite often (well, every couple of weeks) have a take away, use some syns and healthy extras on it, and stick to my syns budget.

Thanks for bringing it up again, I'm sure people will find it useful.

You're full of good info Natt :)


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Yep, it's all about picking the right thing - I think chicken chow mein is something like 6 syns on green so surely if following EE this would become free? It would in my book anyway!!

As long as we don't go for creamy rich sauces on curries then Indian isn't too bad either.

It makes this plan great for "normal" life.
Nice one Natt.xx
I suppose technically free..but you're pushing it! LOL! I'd allow about 3 syns for 'unknowns' in the sauce!


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So if youre doing EE you can take away the meat and the noodles/rice and have a take away for very few syns?? Really??
How do you work out the syns for that please
Just the post I needed to find! I am on EE today and having chicken chow mein fo dinner. I did wonder if on a technicality I'd only have to account for the oil/sauce but have decided just to write it down as 7 syns anyway, which is pretty good! Will ask my consultant tomorrow what the official view is and pray for the right answer!

Now, just need to work out syns for the Nando's I had at lunch!!
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Mrs V

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You could have the oil as a HeB on an EE day and the dish would be relatively syn free!
is egg fried rice free? if eggs and rice on their own are free?
How do you know 6 chicken nuggets weigh 71g for your HEb? Plus they are deep fried aswell so that's not been accounted for except in the full syn value.

We could say a double bacon cheeseburger burger is free - bread HEb, beef free, gherkin free, cheese HEa, bacon free but it doesn't work like that!


Starting Again!
Not saying they're a whole HEx or syn free, just saying that they are made from chicken, which can be a HEx and there are 6 syns in a HEx, so you can subtract 6 from the total syn value.

Obviously it doesn't work exactly like that because as you've mentioned there is fat from the oil and the batter itself. Using it like the rule that applies to ready made sandwiches, just because it's wholemeal bread doesn't mean it's free, just that you can subtract 6 syns from the total value.
I love Indian chicken dhansak and when Im on an EE day its 6.5 syns, plus the plain boiled rice is free...one whole indian takeaway meal for 6.5 syns!! yummy!

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