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Syn free breakfast ideas - on the go (stuff I can take to the office)

S: 16st11.0lb G: 13st0.0lb
Hello All,

Week 2 of SW on Extra Easy and I'm all good with lunch and tea but I do find breakfast hard! They have a canteen in work which does the normal cereals/hot breakfast but as I don't know how it's cooked and what it is, so I'm starting to skip breakfast. It was normal for me to just get 2 pieces of toast or a bowl of cereal, but with milk allowance (used on coffee most days) and not being able to have normal brown bread on HeB I'm getting stuck for ideas.

I've been having fruit/mullerlight or Alpen Light bars... but I'm already getting sick of the same thing. Do you have ideas as to what else I take to work with me without breaking the syn bank? :confused:

maybe something I can make in the night and take with me?

(this week I'm saving syns as I'm going for meal on Friday)

Any help would be great, thanks in advance :)
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Could you take your own bread (60g wholemeal = Healthy B) and just ask them to toast it for you in the canteen? Then you could have it as your B choice and have it topped with baked beans. Maybe even ask if they could poach you a couple of eggs to go with it?

My favourite breakfast at the moment is muesli topped with fruit and a Danio yogurt. I use the Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli (35g = Healthy B) and then mix up the combinations of fruit and yogurts. For example, one day I topped it with sliced fresh strawberries and a strawberry Danio yogurt (1 Syn), anther day I had fresh blueberries and a Blueberry Danio yogurt (3 Syns). If you want to save Syns you could use Muller Lights or other Syn free yogurts to replace the Danios.

Similarly, have you heard of magic porridge / overnight oats? There's a whole thread dedicated to it on here. It's really simple to make - you just mix up 35g porridge oats (Healthy B) with a Muller Light and leave it in the fridge overnight. It magically turns into porridge the next morning - the oats soak up the yogurt and go really creamy and yummy. You could have that with a sliced banana or maybe some berries for your SuperFree.

Do you have access to a microwave at all? I know some people that make an omelette the night before and then take it to work in a little tupperware box and heat that up in the microwave for breakfast. You could make it Syn free too just using a few eggs, mushrooms, peppers, onions, whatever you like! It would save your HEx's for later in the day.

Hopefully this will give you a few ideas :)
S: 16st11.0lb G: 13st0.0lb
That was fab, thank you so much, I'm deffo going to try the porridge thing, sounds good :)

Unfortunately they don't allow us to take our own toast for toasting (yes, I know, it's petty but it's because they charge to toast it!) But I will think on the omelette because I never thought about re-heating it, wasn't sure it would be ok to do that but we do have a microwave in the breakout room!

Thank you lovely, great help! :)
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Always happy to help! :)
i have weetabix topped with yogurt, i also cook low fat quorn sausages (free) the night before and have them on bread the nextg morning, i like my sausages hot or cold :)
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I wasn't really a breakfast person before I started on Slimming World, I leave the house before 7 so sometimes I just grab a banana or fruit on the go but I have been getting better and trying out the overnight oats or having toast and beans at my desk! I've also been making extra if I've been having an omelette for dinner and having that the next morning, sometimes I heat it in the micro but mostly I just eat it cold and have fruit too. Good luck! x
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When I can get it together (which isn't often!) I like to make a frittata or crustless quiche kind of thing the day before and take that in. It's nice hot or cold and it's good because it saves the HE B for later in the day.
S: 11st8lb C: 10st11lb G: 8st9.3lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 0st11lb(6.79%)
I've been away for the weekend and still trying to keep to plan I've been having boiled egg and spinach pots from Boots as a quick free breakfast at the airport, I'm going to boil a few up when I get home and keep a few in the fridge to grab and go early in the mornings, I've stocked up on tins of fruit in juice too.
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I've recently discovered baked oats (and I am now slightly obsessed with trying out different flavours!) Typically, I eat them warm, but they could be made in advance and either reheated in a microwave, or eaten cold. They do use a healthy B choice, but I find them really filling and almost cake-like. A personal favourite is "carrot-cake baked oats"; you don't have to syn cooked fruit, or worry about chopping up extra fruit on the side - your third speed is made up of grated carrot instead.

- measure out 35g of porridge oats (I actually use oatmeal - partly because that's what I have in at the moment, but I also like the texture more)
- add about half a small yogurt. This equates to about 2 heaped tablespoons. You don't want the mixture too wet or dry: it should be almost like a batter (people use different flavour Muller Lights. I avoid gelatine, so I've used Activia 0% and also natural FF Greek style yogurt)
- add sweetener to taste.
- add flavouring - go mad here! I love cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and a teeny bit of sugar free hazlenut syrup
- add grated carrot (or fruit of choice. Or nothing and have fruit on the side!)
- mix well and transfer to oven-proof dish
-bake at 180 for about 35 minutes/ until golden and crispy on the top
- EAT! (if eating straight away, bear in mind that they are really blooming hot and try to avoid burning mouth on food/ self on dish)
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:eat: Mmmm I am definitely trying the baked oats with carrot this weekend, got some salted caramel sugar free syrup that I think will work well with that
S: 30st3lb C: 12st13.5lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 26 Loss: 17st3.5lb(57.09%)
Good combination I love cherry yoghurt, the light and free greek style one especially. If I bake the oats the night before do you know if they would heat up ok in the microwave the following morning? I fancy them hot but wouldn't have time on weekdays to do them in oven on a morning.

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