You do get stronger, but you're not immune to temptation!


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Hello girls

I've had a super week on the re-feeding. a) because I have not gained any weight. b) It has been a welcome change to eat a meal, only every other night mind.

I have found that having eaten a little protein and salad, there is a spark of interest in the goodies that my son likes. These high-carb, sweet delicacies are on display in the fridge and the freezer.

I have had to be very strong and use a lot of will-power to leave them alone.

So a word of warning, while I was sole sourcing on LT it was quite easy for me to ignore sweet things, but having begun to eat these no-go areas have a certain magnetism. This is why I am only eating on alternate nights. I need to be strict with myself.

I'm only refeeding temporarily for my holiday, and then going back full time until I lose another stone and a half.

Regards to all
Marylyn x
I do find that I still love the foods I was eating before, but I enjoy healthy foods too, much more than previously.

I also know that certain foods (crisps, toast etc), can turn me into pacman, and seem to be able to leave these foods alone unless I know I can control it.
Incredulous that I've lost a pound!

Hi girls

I had a weigh in today and was amazed to see that I've dropped a pound even though I have eaten some lovely food.

It was all low carb, and I even had some summer fruit and 0% Total yoghurt some nights.

The thing is I did only eat one meal on alternate days and it really is easier to sole source for me anyway. It is challenging to make a meal and a dessert and resolve that that is enough and not to then start picking at the goodies that other family members have put in the fridge.

Anyway I'm off to Cyprus for 2 weeks, I'm not going to strictly diet, but if I maintain I'll be satisfied.

Good Luck and speak to you soon
Marylyn xx
Good luck Marylyn, keep the focus cos once you lose it it's sooooo hard to get it back!!

Have a lovely holiday!! Remember that fun doesn't revolve around food, in fact it has nothing to do with it!