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  1. bunnycd

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    Well everyone I have met today and yesterday has said "if you loose anymore there will be nothing of you" or "you don't need to loose anymore weight" and I still have 3.5 stone to go! Why do people say this. It is sooo demotiving. Well I am going to stick to my diet as I know that I am not there yet. I went to Primark today and bought size 14 coats which has helped. It is good to go in a shop and put something on without worrying that it will not fit. I just wish people would not discourage me by saying [email protected] like I am ok as I am.

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  3. minilady

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    I know exactly what you mean:sigh: Someone asked me what my target weight was, so I told her 9 1/2 stone, she looked at me with a disgusted look and said 'oooh I can't imagine you at that weight' I've got to be honest I was a bit curt with my reply and told her that in a few months she won't have to imagine, I will be that weight!!! It did upset me a bit tho, as you'd have thought I'd told her I wanted to be a size zero:eek: I'm just under 5'3" so 9 1/2 stone is the upper end of the scale on the ideal weight thingy.

    Sorry turned this post into my own rant!

    I think that we have our own goals in mind, and when we feel comfortable in our own skin and are happy and healthy, then it'll be time to just maintain our weight.

    Take care and good luck with your last couple of stone.

  4. clairabellx

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    Everyone keeps saying that to me too - 2 school moms and another friend this week.

    I have a clear reason to get to a lower BMI - I have hypertension even with a (relatively) low body weight, so surely the lower my weight, the less risk of hypertension and it sequelea?

    But everyone thinks it is vanity - little do they know I actually preferred my cuddly self more - anyone know how much prominent hip bones hurt to sleep on? (I jest you not!).

    I really need to keep the blood pressure under control and if losing that last stone will do it, then so be it....

    Sorry I think I hijacked your rants too ladies!!
  5. MadamDotty

    MadamDotty Back again!

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    This always happens, I think the problem is that people are used to seeing you a certain way and when you've lost a really good amount of weight in such a short time, you have dramatically changed your looks. And so although you know you still have weight to loose, just to be healthy, other people just can't see you that way. I don't think it's (always) meant to be discouraging, people think they are being helpful or caring - not always of course, there are some jealous so & so's who can't bear the thought of you being a "thinny" like them, I had a few of those.

    Just try not to let it demotivate or discourage you, you know where you want to be and what is right for you, and other people, how ever well meaning they think they're being, well it's not really any of their concern. Just keep up the good work & let them worry about getting used to the new, slimmer you. :)
  6. bunnycd

    bunnycd Full Member

    Thank you for the great advice. It's good to know this always happens. I think you are right about rappid weight loss. The other comments are along the lines of "you need to make sure you do not put it all back on" that sounds like a broken record at the moment. I want to be around 9 stone which is the higher part of my BMI and I will do it whatever anyone says as I know deep down it is right for me. Love xxxx Bunncd
  7. pandora

    pandora finding my way again !

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    i havn't actually had the "you don't need to lose anymore " comment, but the "wow you're looking good" & "you've done so well " ones are really messing with my head & i'm not sticking to the diet very well at the mo. anothe 2 st will bring me to just over bmi 25, so i must continue but finding it really hard at themo.
    People mean well & often don't realise quite how damaging their comments actually are.
    keep at it hun & stop when YOU are ready to do so
  8. Podgey

    Podgey Full Member

    waiting for op date
    Why is it that when you are or have been over weight people feel it is ok to force thier opinions about your size, health, what you eat ect?..
    Think alot of the silly questions and comments come from a bit of jealousy may be they are uncomfortable about how we are changeing because they are just used to us as we were..
    I have always been described as big & bubbly.. Wonder what I will be when I am proper slim... Thin and miserable?.I don't think so.. Someone actually said to me today that I was looking better for losing a bit of weight but they hoped it wouldn't change me if I lost more.. I felt like telling them to.. P**s off!!! They also said they could see in my face that I had lost wieght... Under my breath I said 'oh yes of course I was carrying 6stone under my chin'.. ARRRGGGHHH

    Sorry I was ranting then........
  9. MadamDotty

    MadamDotty Back again!

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    LOL - Sorry but that made me laugh, but you're right, what on earth gives people the idea that it's ok to tell us that our weight is wrong/right whatever, I know that most of it is well meant, but TBH it's not helpful at all. I have a few clients who really start to struggle and lose their motivation because everyone is telling them they're looking great, don't need to lose any more etc. Just try and keep the focus and get to where you want to get - don't let other people inside your head - we've enough to deal with our thoughts sabotaging us, never mind other peoples!

    Take care all & stay strong
  10. LENNY4974

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    I have to sympathise with you...I am 5'4" and my target weight goal is 9st7lbs, (SW13st5lbs) I still have 20 lbs to go but everyone keeps telling me that I am fine as I am now and that I don't need to lose anymore:mad: . I just tell them to SOD OFF:D

    I am doing this diet for me and no-one else, and I have set myself a goal and want to achieve that.

    So, I say don't listen to anyone else, it is your body and your goal.:D

    Good luck with your diet journey
  11. archantgirl

    archantgirl Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Do you know, I have had the same thing! I have 3 stone and 11lbs to go, and it almost convinced me to stop the diet, but then I have looked a photos of me and I think "C**p! I still look fat" so SSing 100% he I go, and I don't care what people think. It's my body, I live with it, not them and half of them a re bloody jelous because do not have that will power to do what they really wnat whether it is loose weight, give up smoking or save money. I think hey! I am doing it mind your own!

    Ok, rant over! Good on you all for sticking to it!
  12. essexmum

    essexmum Full Member

    Are you me? I'm 5ft 4 and a sw of 13st 3lbs and Want to get down to 9st. (currently 10st 13). I also had so many people saying that I'm fine as I am and that I shouldn't loose anyore weight, but I'm still 'over weight' according to my BMI so still need to shift it. Still just under 2 stone to go:D
  13. thinkingslim

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    I got that said to me as well, (I still had 3 stone to lose). My response was always, thank you for your concern, but you never showed the same concern when I was putting the weight on, you chose to ignore it. That shuts them up:D

  14. crazy in love with food

    crazy in love with food Member

    Cambridge SS for 7 days & 790 now

    I really sympathise, ever since I have started CD 9 days ago, everyone around me has been nagging and each and every one of them has the answer and their own bit of advice.

    I am 6ft and currently 13.1 st (I was 13.8 9 days ago) and because i am tall and after 25 years fashion distaters have learned to dress to make the most of myself, everyone says either that i don't look like i weigh 13 st or you don't need to go on sth drastic.... They are driving me crazy!

    I may look good in a pair of black trousers but check me out in my bikini and you'll see i'm not half as slim as people think... Just because you are petite on the top and rather tall does not mean you do not have an excess weight.

    Plus i used to weigh 10 1/2 stones 3 years ago before my motorbike accident. Sometimes you want to be slimmer not because you think you are humungous but just becasue you want to fit in your nice old clothes!

    I say, they are just jealous becasue your body is changing for the better and they don't have the willpower to do the same!

    Good luck with the last few stones and keep it up, the worst is behind you!

  15. demon

    demon Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    This happens to everyone at some stage along the journey. Always amazed when even very slim people kept telling me not to lose more weight even though I still had over 3st to go [​IMG] Best thing truly is to ignore them..........you're doing this for YOU and no one else [​IMG]

    Funnily enough, I still get the odd comment of 'do you think you should stop dieting now - you're getting very thin'. Always makes me giggle 'cos I've been maintaining since last Sept and my weight has stayed pretty much the same give or take a lb or two [​IMG] Just goes to show that people don't always see the 'real' you!!!!
  16. katieo

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    Cambridge Diet

    This reminds me of when I lost 50lbs a few years ago with WW, I was only half way and people were telling me not to lose any more weight, it had a huge impact on me and was one of the reasons I stopped dieting. Months later when I had actually put some on they are telling me, god you've lost even more now!! I told them I had put on but they were not having any of it, I'm like, well I should know, its my bloomin body!!!
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