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You know its bad when..........


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:8855:It depends on what you feed the dog I suppose. My MIL used to feed their mince & rice!

I woke up hungry at 5am this morning! Had a couple of scanbran for brekkie which quickly cured me of my hunger pangs, what with them being possibly the most awful thing I have ever ever tasted.
Then eat!! Just make sure you stick to plan. Yesterday I felt in dire need of a red day and used it to the full.... today I'm happy to be back on EE :)


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S: 100.7kg C: 64.9kg G: 70.8kg BMI: 23.1 Loss: 35.8kg(35.59%)
Yep i'm eating now, just wanted to do my 20 mins on the exercise bike first:)


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Hugo's dog food looks rank to me, dry Burns :(

However, he is always VERY interested in my food, and often steals the cats pouch out the bin and licks it!

Don't get to the pouch licking stage :D
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My mother used to cook my dog belly pork or mince when we went to visit. The boys just got really cheap fish fingers with no fish content.

Dog wouldn't eat for days when he got back as it was back to dried dog food.

And when she would phone up she would ask after the dog before the boys - caused us no end of amusement!


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My sister won't cook her dogs food when I'm there now, it's tripe and it smells FOUL! She has 8 dawgies five of them Dobermanns so feeding time is an event I'm happy to miss!


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Even the dogs dinner smells lovely:sign0151:

It's going to be a hungry day, I can feel it!
That actually made me splutter!

Reminds me of the story when Gazza made either a dog food (or may have been cat food) pie and the smell was so delicious his partner in crime, Jimmy "five bellies" Gardener actually ate it!!
I am having a hungry day today. I came to work prepared with carrot sticks, and yogurts and cooked chicken, as well as my usual lunch. I've already had 2 bowls of fruit (all superspeed!), a hifi bar & a yogurt, and I'm still hungry!

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