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you know that gravy I had........


Slowly but surely x
I wrote n my diary that last night I went out for a meal and I ordered plain chicken only they gave me chicken with gravy :( I ate as much as I could without scooping up the gravy though (yay!)

I wondered that if it was to knock me out of ketosis - how long would take to happen. Ive used a ketostix twice today and its still showing pinky purple.
Chomping at the bit here.
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fab I would imagine it would show by now hun :) I had a bit of gravy with some chicken and a bread roll on week 2 (was at a wedding) and it didn't knock me out I was amazed !! still lost 4lb that week x


hoping for a good loss
Don't think it will chick. Pleased for you x


Slowly but surely x
moley - you jammy so and so....you ate bread???? (bread is my downfall, espesh fresh tiger bread from asda with lurpak.....god, its killing me just typing it!)
omg tiger bread - salivating now - especially bought in the morn when its still warm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol

I couldn't resist i didn't even eat the soup starter just the bread roll - I really thought I wouldn't lose that week was so shocked when stood on scales !!! my ketostix are ALWAYS bright purple !!


Slowly but surely x
purple is not a good sign - it means you need to drink more water!!! wags finger at you! when it stays cream means you are out of ketosis, doesnt it


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o my god tiger bread!!! any bread!! how bout the one thats made with melted cheese on top!!

o man i would give my right arm fr bread and butter lol.. hmm literally wonder how much my right arm weighs lol!!

anyway think i gained a stone having that day dream....... going to get my water too!
I drink 3l a day :( the only time its not dark is last thing at night (not that I'm obsessed with peeing on a stick)


Slowly but surely x
weird, huh?!
Hey, i get the most out of my stix by cutting them in half, lengthways (Me tight ;)
oooh good idea I never thought of that :) :) actually its not good really when my 2 year old gets them down off the bathroom side and gives them to me when I go to loo LOL


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lol hehehe if i had kids thats what would happen! hehe

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