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you know you are dieting when....


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......I want to grow to 7ft 2in cos then I'm the correct bmi for my height
......I want a vodka and coke - but i don't drink
......I want a dollop of peanut butter - and i don't even like the stuff
......ironing becomes an alternative to eating
......you buy peppermint tea - who on this earth created peppermint tea ? I bought a pack (they don't come in single bags) and it tastes like I dropped a mint imperial in hot water.

Does anyone else feel like doing things they don't normally do just because they are dieting or is it just me ?

Big hugs
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Trying to stay positive..
nope, not just you. in my first month of dieting I would have eaten anything! for example, I loathe baked beans, especially on toast, but at that point in time i would have even eaten that:)


Says it as it is!!!
You wake up at stupid o'clock in the morning and don't even have to!!!
You drink 10 pints of water, and would never normally touch the stuff!
You get home at 6pm and scatter around for food, you can't have just out of habit!
you sniff everything in sight
you have random, nightmares - Mine arent about food, but the are very vivid and always include and ex boyfriend trying to kill me and i wake up in tears


Finally a size 12!
When everything even the dogs dinner looks nice!! (or is that just me!)
When the loo is the 2nd most used room in your house after the living room!


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Lol! Nope, i've seen me sniff the dogs supper too!


Says it as it is!!!
When everything even the dogs dinner looks nice!! (or is that just me!)
When the loo is the 2nd most used room in your house after the living room!
lol... no not just you hun..n the loo....well, all i can say is 'Thank the lord, for downstairs bathrooms' sooooo glad i have 2 toilets...otherwise i think i may have had some accidents lol


Says it as it is!!!
when you have lots of conversations about poo!


a new way of living!
your mother/friends starts asking for your old clothes once you have slimmed out of them! mine had half my warddrobe yesterday!

everytime i see her she says 'i'll have that when it doesn't fit'

great mom, so i have been wearing clothes made for 65yr olds all this time!!??!!


Finally a size 12!
Yeah my mum and my mates have took all my stuff im left with 1 pair of jeans and few tops ha ha
You get loads of invitations to social occasions where there will be a loads of delicious food to tempt you!



a new way of living!
i'll second that! and also - as soon as you tell people you are not eating, they are all inviting you to meals like sunday dinners! are they just testing me?? or just not thinking!!??

just goes to show how much people actually listen to us!

:rolleyes: the thought of eating something fatty makes you feel physically sick
:rolleyes: you look at other people's food and work out how many calories they're eating...
:rolleyes:you actually think to yourself... i can have as much water as i want? yey!
:rolleyes: you get massively excited to update your ticker...


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1. Your cock looks bigger
2. You P*ss like a horse at all hours.
3. Your bowel movement are bizarre
4. Your poo would frighten that Gillian McKeith woman.
5. When you tell peeps you have stopped eating they think your nuts.
6. You feel like bobby sands.

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