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You Tube Inspiration


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what a fab girl, I have just spend most of the evening watching her blogs! In fact it has inspired me to blog my own journey, a great idea. Thanks for posting the link. And Helen (if you read this) you look amazing! x


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Helen you are a true inspiration, i have the same arm problem


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brilliant video Helen!!!! Really hit home to me a lot!
I posted on your youtube thingy too to say how impressed i was!
As you say, something so simple and yet it takes us all so long to work that out! tut! lol

You look sensational!



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im so so so so so thankful for this post! and all your replies are lovely!!!!!

This has really made my day/week/month/year :eek:) I love the support and love we all have for eachother on here! Couldnt have done it without my minimins support!



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will most definitely be catching up with your diary later on!
Good stuff hun xxx


I've just sat here and watched pretty much all of them.

They're brilliant :).

Your arms really don't look that bad hun. General arm/weight lifting will help alot, but you'll never have perfect model arms (sorry to say, neither will I!!!) Surgery is only option for that. But if you can get to a point where you are happy about your arms, that will save you alot of money.

You're a very beautiful girl. You look so healthy, no bags, no dark eyes and good looking skin.

You should be so proud of what you have achieved.

Look into toning exercises for your arms, work up to an hour's worth and do it 2-3 times a week, you will notice a change. You'll build up bulkier arms, I know I'd rather have muscle in my arms than the wings I have at the moment.

My trouble is too, I'm very lazy. I never used to be. But I think if I leave it, I might wake up in the morning and it'll magically be better. Or I keep saying 'I'll start tomorrow'. I really do need to start though lol.

Best luck to you hun!

Any tips off Gary for his Police fitness test? My partner failed it the first time and has to be re-tested again in 3mths time. But hes so lazy he doesn't go running!!


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Hi Helen,
Just watched your food addiction one, sooo v true! and great to actually hear it voiced! sometimes thats all we need, we all know that we have a choice, but hearing it brings it all home and makes it a conscious decision! many thanks and keep up the good work!