You win some you loose some....


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S: 16st10lb G: 10st3lb
So after a bad week (not eating bad just bad stressful!) My old default habit kicked in last night of wanting to fall into lots of naughty food and bottles of wine with hubby! To put week behind us, BUT I knew I wanted to still loose weight this week. Hubby! (usually very supportive in my sw journey) wanted pizza! A quick check online told me I'd be looking at over 36 syns for a pizza (frozen!) And I just couldn't do it! So I settled for 1/4 pizza for 12 syns. Then usually we would have had southern fried chicken wings and chips with it too! Instead I added sw potato and sweet potato wedges and spicy chicken mini fillets (both syn free) I opted to just have diet coke and not my usual bottle of wine (pre sw). So ok I didn't have 1/3 superfree and I did use 12 syns on not great pizza but I didn't binge and go off plan, I didn't waste upwards of 50syns on a night infront of tv. So in my book this time I won!
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