Im not sure if anyone still looks at the "Book Club" page but if anyone is out there could you pretty please give me some good suggestions on Young Adult books. (Please no cringe teenage books!)
The young adult books I've been into at the moment is American College romances, but I'm open to anything! But I do love a good romance book

Thanks :D
Try Daughter of Smoke and Bone I think it's by Laini Taylor. Not my normal type of book at all but I was entranced it is so well written and definitely some romance in there. It's the first of a trilogy.
The divergent series
Miss perrigreens home for peculiar children
The girl on the train
Gone girl
In a dark dark wood
The woman in cabin 10
Everything everything
The beginning of everything
Perks of being a wall flower
Me before you
After you
The girl you left behind
Big little lies
13 reasons why
The fault in our stars

Some might not be your style, but they are some of my faves, hope you find something good :)