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Young but overweight

Ok, as you can see from the title, Im young but overweight. I am 15, but at a height taller than that of your average man. Im 80kg, and 12.5 stone or 175 pounds. Not as bad as you might have thought if you were to see me, but I still want to lose a fair bit. So that is my starting weight, on 24th July.

Im going on holiday next thursday so I will tell you my weight just before then and the next one will be when I return 2 and a half weeks after.

My plans are to start regular running on our machine at home and to cut down on snacks and coca cola.

Any other tips?
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snack on fruit, drink plenty of water and keep active, try to avoid obviously greasy food like pizza and chips.

Hope you have a fantastic holiday, where are you going?
Thanks, my first target is to not drink any coke (or any fizzy drink) whatsoever till my holiday. My planned replacement was more water and if I need a small bit of sugar just have a normal drink of orange squash (Im assuming thats not too bad?)

Im going to Florida, which although is a place i love, and am looking forward to it, it is also a place where unhealthy food is certainly in your face the majority of the time. Either way the hotel im in should have a gym which is good, on that note ive just done 20 minutes cycling on my workout machine at home :)

In restauraunts Ill just get pasta and more healthy meals.
Nice to see another young person on here, welcome and good luck! :)

Have fun on your vacation!

Some tips: have balanced meals like a carb, veggie, and a protein then fruits for snack. Watch the calories for the most part. Processed foods you think are healthy may be chalked full of unwanted calories and fat. If you are a soda addict like me try diet. I get bad headaches if I don't get my diet pepsi. When you do running or really any exercise try HIIT(high intensity interval training). It burns twice as many calories.


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Welcome to Minimins. I think it's also so important whilst your body is growing to make sure you don't become deficient in calcium and vitamins. I'm following a low carb lifestyle, and I'm adding a multivitamin, and omega 3,6 & 9 supplements too. I have a job where I need to concentrate constantly, and there's no margin for error, so need to keep my brain working. With you approaching your exams, I think as people suggested, a variety of fruits & veg is so important. If you can't stand oily fish like me, then the Omega supplements can be of great help too
Thanks for all the advice, in particular, reading through it all, I am interested to hear more about this HIIT(high intensity interval training), as at the moment I am using a running machine and have done 20 minutes on saturday and likewise on sunday, and plan to do so again today, but Im not too sure by what this HIIT is? How exactly does it work?

Thanks for the help

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