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Young people V Old People ........

The way I look at it is who's problem is it?

Is it your problem that they are ignorant and generally not that nice people?

Or is it their problem?

They have to spend 24 hours a day with themselves in that mindset whereas you only have to see them for a few moments.

Be yourself, if people accept you then great, if they don't then don't worry about it!



Loving the Cambridge Diet
Older people tend to think that they can say whatever they like simply because of their age!

My work was with a lot of over 70's and the stuff that they came out with was quite incredible.

All tact seems to go out of the window.

It is their problem, don't worry about it.

Have a lovely Christmas x

I'm often convinced they are not always aware of how loud they are talking/whispering. Not all old people have hearing loss but when there's two of them, there's a good chance one of them does!!!

Ah bless em.
I hate that people feel they can judge fat people, if it were religion or race or sexuality, there's laws against that, that's one of the big reasons I'm doing this, horrid nasty people with so little in their lives they have to judge us. They're ugly inside let them live with that.xx
Y'know, they are only marginally worse than those who think it but dont say it. I dont think its better to say it, at all, I dont subscribe to the "at least she's honest" theory at all - but for everyone who says it, there are probably 10 who dont say a word but may well think "cor there's a big one" or some such unempathatic comment. But the fact is, I've always thought it must be very hard to grasp why a person would get very overweight if you dont have that problem yourself.

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