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Your biggest tips!


Ugly duckling going Swan.
I thought it would be fun to post any useful hints and tips we have picked up on our journey here for others who are starting out to see!

I'll start!

My biggest two tips are vary your workouts so you never get bored doing the same thing (I do ten different workouts over two weeks but that's just me!) and if you have a choc weakness, make sure you have something with choc everyday, even if it's just a cup of options as it's better to have a little each day that to go without and then get tempted by a box of chocs.
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Good tips.

Mine are plenty of cold water and plenty of fresh fruit - when I do this, the temptation to eat sweet things almost disappears.
Make it a rule that every so often you will sit and re-read through your book. Found that it stopped me from getting complacement and reminded me of some of the basic principles.


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make sure you have lots of fresh fruit and diet coke in for any little hunger pangs or evening nibbles:)


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Make sure you treat yourself regularly. Small food (count your syns) or non food treats - a curly wurly, a new nail varnish, a glossy magazine, a nice oz of stilton - whatever you desire and *does it* for you. ;)

My tips:
*Never give up
*Drink plenty of fluid
*Exercise regularly but don't go over the top
*Eat loads of free foods but don't eat for the sake of it
*If you are close to target drop your syns
*With your meal remember the one third of superfree foods



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The best tip i have ever been given is come on minimins every day or as often as possible!

when your having a low day, pop on and check out success stories and before and after photos.

when needing motavation or a boot up the bum pop on.

when needing recipe ideas and syn values

i could go on and on..........

this forum is priceless and gives such incentive to me
great idea....

Mine have to be:-
  • plan, plan, plan -Im a list and meal plan fanatic :D
  • drink lots of water -I have sparkling and average from 3-4.5lts a day
  • use a smaller plate and make your meals look nice..
and my biggest tip has to be :-
  • If you don't buy it you can't eat it ;)-I have realised that all I have to do is get out of the supermarket without "IT" and then Im safe... so far it has lead to 7 weeks without a crisp, choc, sweet, ice cream etc passing my lips :p


Mens sana in corpore sano
Great thread!

1. Take the focus off food for a while. After you've done your weekly plan, chill out...indulge in a hobby; see a movie, knit, be creative, read a magazine, go for a walk etc. Anything that makes you feel good. After that, you can revisit your goals renewed.

2. Keep a food diary (personally or on here. On here is particularly good for those who don't attend SW classes).

3. Take pictures! I hate having my photo taken, but I've recently become open to it, because these will be my before pics!
  • Plan!
  • Have fruit cut up and ready to eat.
  • If you go to group - stay for Image Therapy
  • Again if you go to group - buy a countdown and have a weight loss aim for the end of it
  • Cook SW for the family, not different meals for everyone


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I really do think thats the secret, if you know what your doing and when it is all far simpler to stick to.


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I don't plan anything, SW wise...WHAT is it you guys plan? Exactly what you'll eat when? I'm 100% on plan, 100% of the time, but I don't plan meals at all...


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My tip is to be realistic and allow yourself a little freedom... if you've got a social occasion where you really want to let your hair down and enjoy it, then just go for it! Just make sure you get back on plan the next morning. Better to have one night of just what you fancy than a week of feeling deprived...

I don't plan anything, SW wise...WHAT is it you guys plan? Exactly what you'll eat when? I'm 100% on plan, 100% of the time, but I don't plan meals at all...
I plan lunches mostly. If I have a free lunch prepared - I'm pretty much set up for the day. If I don't I end up with a tesco sandwich, crisps, choc ete etc
I like to plan my meals when I do my shopping. I'm always knackered when I come home from work and my brain cant cope with deciding what to eat, so if it's planned or already in slow cooker it keeps me on plan. If I dont know what to eat then I get lazy and sling pizza and chips in the oven - not good.

Mojomcl - you must be so much more organised than I am. I wish I didnt need to plan everything, but thats kind of my nature anyway :)

What works for some doesnt work for others.

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