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Your favourite Slimming World meals!! :D

Thought it would be a great idea to share our favourite SW breakfast, lunch and tea (and snacks?) to give each other so inspiration as well as to just share!

Mine are:

Breakfast - Veggie fry up! Linda McCartney sausage (2syns - I sometimes have quorn to save syns but I like these more), potato waffle (2.5 syns and so worth it!), eggy bread (HEB) and baked beans! It is worth the syns and HEB as it fills me up for ages and I enjoy eating it so much!!

Lunch - So boring but I am obsessed with cheese and broc pasta and sauce and love having them for lunch! I also like savoury rice with fried peppers and quorn chicken pieces .. really easy and totally gorgeous!

Dinner - Quorn chilli! LOVE IT :D I have it with half rice/half SW chips or with pasta and it always tastes great. I make it extra hot with some hot sauce and if I have enough syns I have a mini naan (yumm)

Snacks -
Mullerlight with alpen bar cut up in to it like granola :p
Eggy bread, make a easy and yummy snack.
Garlic bread made with bread, garlic grinder and cheese triangles - gorgeous! Can put it with pasta meals as well :D
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What a good idea.

Mine are:

Breakfast, grill up with bacon, sausage (only eat richmond so syn in and its pretty high), poached egg, beans, mushrooms, toast and a mug of sweet tea.

Lunch - Hmmm this is a toughy as i struggle with lunches, I would probably say pasta with tobasco sauce, chicken breast and cheese

Dinner Chicken Kiev (i use 1.5 syns of cracker for breadcrumbs) potato wedges and corn on the cob

Snacks - Nectarines, melon, icepoles


Bears dont dig on dancin'

Breakfast: Strawb's,Blackb's,Apricot,plum,red grapes,melon. Topped with: 0% total +1tbsp sweetener +white choc options (2.5syns)

Lunch: Toast and baked beans, with grated hea cheese mixed/melted in the beans mmm.
Or, I eat a cold can of heinz spaghetti! Lol

Dinner: Stir fry; Quorn chilli with grated cheese; Mushy pea curry (omg u should try it!)

Snacks: Mikado (0.5syns each!), Penguin wafer (3.5syns and V.YUM!), Or small toffee crisp (5syns)

Oooh this is giving me munchies! Lol xx
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Great thread....

Mine is... BREAKFAST is poached eggs on toast with tea, LUNCH is grilled chicken (HEB) with ainsley spice sensation cous cous with fresh mango mixed in and salad...its fab! and DINNER is home made risotto or if I'm being lazy the Riso Gallo Risotto pronto porcini risotto with extra mushrooms and HEA cheese to make it creamy .

I get really stuck for ideas of what to cook half the time so end up eating lots of eggs for either breakfast or lunch....

BTW....What is mushy pea curry? Sounds gross but I love mushy peas so would like to give it a try :)

H x


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I don't really have any favourite meals as yet, I have only been doing the diet for 3 months and I am having varied meal's really, but this is how my meal's plan out through the day.


Eggs cooked any way - usually scrambled during the week with WW wholemeal toast - and at the weekend, eggs, smoked turkey rashers, tin tomatoes with WW wholemeal toast.


Is always cheese of some kind, either 3 light Babybel's, 6 VLF Laughing Cow triangles, Cottage cheese or Quark with 2 Scan Bran, salad and fruit.


Fish, Chicken or Quorn products, either with veggies or salad and home made yoghurt or Mullerlite yoghurts.


Light Alpen bar's, fruit, and milky drinks, occassionly 2 weetabix and Skim milk.

And always a 2 litre bottle of sparkling water besides all my other drinks during the day.

I do like the SW quiche though and have made it quite a number of times now.
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BREAKFAST - Strawberries, raspberries, banana and kiwi with fat free natural yoghurt and sweetener.

LUNCH - Uncle Ben's Mushroom Express Rice (2 syns) OR Ham and chicken salad with Sainsbury's Beetroot Salad (Free).

DINNER - Eggs, SW chips and beans OR Spaghetti Bol made using Schwartz Sauce Mix (approx. 2 syns)

SNACKS - Boiled eggs, Alpen Light bars, Hi Fi bars, apples and plums


Bears dont dig on dancin'
The mushy pea curry is SO nice... (and you can't taste the pease, they're just to bulk it out!)

It's in the recipe thread so all credit goes to the lady that posted it there...

1 x mushy peas
1 x baked beans
1 x diced onion
1x can toms
Curry powder (we used about 3 tsp)
Quorn pieces (or some meat)

Fry onion in frylight to soften, add all the rest and heat until Quorn is cooked (about 20mins)... voila! It's the best SW recipe I've tried, great to impress the OH (i f u don't tell them how easy it was! Lol), and is very filling!!! I served ours with noodles mixed in, but goes with rice/pasta etc. MMMM!!


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Mine would have to be, my homemade chicken kebabs, and slow cooked beef curry!
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For breakfast it has to be a healthy fry up - I do mainly EE so it would be lean smoked bacon, quorn sausages, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and a slice of toast from my B

Lunch would be baked potato with pasta and salad,

Tea would be chicken breast wrapped in lean smoky bacon, spicy wedges, bbq sauce, onions and heaps of sf veg.

snacks of fruit and yoghurt throughout the day and plenty of fluid.
tend to use my a&b at night for snacks.

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