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  1. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    Right, bordem has definately set in ..and i feel the need to google...
    So take your first name and stick it in google, followed by 'says'... what are 5 of the wonderful things it comes up with...some can be very funny
    Here's mine
    Nicola says....

    1. Nicola, says sex-swap police officer
    2. Nicola says, Wow, where do I begin?
    3. Nicola says that her mother has 'accepted Nat as a plumber,' though she 'didn't like that at first,
    4. Nicola says her infidelity has made her happier, improved her sex life with her husband and, as a result, made her marriage stronger
    5. Nicola says the 'ugly' label doesn't bother her
    Can you do better hehehe
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    1. Julie-Ann McIver says:. "I will fear no evil for my God is with me, and if my God is with me, whom then shall I fear?"

    2. "We didn't know if she would want us to take video or pictures, but she was open to all of that," says Julie Ann.

    3. Julie Ann says many of the problems resulted from her upbringing. "I was never given a budget as a child; I was never told no."

    4. Julie Ann says she and her wonderful staff always go that extra mile with a client.

    5. Julie-Ann says:. "Aww I've had such a good Easter "
  4. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    Julz is this off your website???
    4. Julie Ann says she and her wonderful staff always go that extra mile with a client.
  5. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

    Gemma says do your flies up
    Gemma says goodbye to the jungle (lmfao)
    Gemma says she is worried that the UK is following the trend of the United States and is gradually becoming an obese nation
    Gemma says Donna told him, "Take yourself off, ya big-nosed ba****d"
    Gemma says. "He went back into the bar and came back with it wrapped in cloth."
    Gemma says: "I bet John is watching this and thinking 'what the hell are they doing!'". (This is generally what Jon thinks about me I reckon!)
  6. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    Lol yours are fab!!!
  7. 2hourglass

    2hourglass Silver Member

    Francesca says '
    YouTube - Francesca says "Antonio"

    Francesca lives by the motto of “a messy desk is a sign of a creative mind.”

    Francesca says:
    'yeah i went to church that day
    it was quite weird they were doing babtism, havnt been to chruch for so long'

    Francesca says' she will obey but cannot love him.

    Loads of other wierd poo too:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  8. lol!!!!!!!!!
  9. Purplecrazy

    Purplecrazy Full Member

    1. Johanna Says a Peddler Did It--Robbery the Motive.

    2. Johanna says she wants to be a good role model for her kids.

    3. Johanna was with her ex-boyfriend for six years. She says he wasn't even that cute, and that she's the best he'll ever get. ...

    4. Johanna says, "I don't really think that drinking is the problem, it's just ... how much I drink."

    5. Johanna says: “Darkness was once close to me when I was young. I was fortunate to have been raised in Hong Kong, ... (LOL! I was actually born in Hong Kong and lived there until I was 10!)
  10. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    Lmao....freaky 5hite
  11. Olivia's Army

    Olivia's Army Full Member

    Amanda says:
    As crazy as it sounds, we lie to make it seem like we're not Little Miss *****.


    Alex trysted with Trista

    Theme is not Plot

    Josh got gonorrhea from 200 other people
  12. MummaBear

    MummaBear Member

    Wow, gonna pass this on... good fun!!

    Laura says Stop the whining! Whining is natural but not always healthy.
    Laura says that while hiking in the Grand Canyon in February, they hit on the idea of driving around in an RV and happened on a Wal-Mart, where they could park for free.
    Laura says Roger needs a new JBoat.
    Laura says If God had wanted man to play soccer, he wouldn't have given us arms.
    Laura says Aushua, Love you long time!
  13. Bananas

    Bananas Gold Member

    This is funny!

    I'm just adding to the Gemma one

    "I told them", says Gemma, "that it would be too much trouble transferring all my clothes to that room on the sixth floor. So I stayed in my room

    Random :)
  14. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    I like this.

    Bronwyn says Hi! by Bez
    Bronwyn says i want to
    Bronwyn says i love you
    Bronwyn says last time she did that it
    Bronwyn says it took her months to read one book
  15. LisaLisa

    LisaLisa Silver Member

    Lisa Says lyrics by Velvet Underground. ...

    Lisa says, hey baby, if you stick your tongue in my ear Then the scene around here will become very clear

    My Lisa Says pages give you the best information to make your stay in Chicago ... When you’re in Chicago tell me how you liked the Lisa Says pages and give ...

    Lisa says...on a night like this it would be so nice if you gave me a great big kiss

    Lisa says that it's all right When she meets me at midnight Lisa says that she has her fun ...

    ok i see a pattern here!! hurrummph :p
  16. MummaBear

    MummaBear Member

    Ha ha heeee, I'm liking this very muchly! Gotta get some friends doing this, home-made entertainment at it's best. :talk017:
  17. MummaBear

    MummaBear Member

    Did one for my other arf, took great delight in showing him!!! Hours of fun...!

    Ronnie says I'm not the best!
    Ronnie says boo, locker room photo.
    Ronnie says excitedly, you just look at them with a blank face and walk into the kitchen, where you beat your head on the refrigerator until someone wraps their arms around your waist.
    Ronnie says he digs in to earn a draw, but eats mat after 6 seconds...
    Ronnie says his wife was embarassed by his audacity, but they were both surprised when Reba then sat down to breakfast with them.
  18. Bananas

    Bananas Gold Member

    Haha yours are fab!
  19. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    LOL.....When I put Sharon says in.. all it does is bring up info about Israel (coz of Ariel Sharon....Israels president). All things like he regrets not killing Arafat 20yrs ago. I'll not bother typing them all.
  20. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Bit late but here goes:- (check out no.3)

    1.Garry says goodbye to 'Larry'.

    2.Garry Says. That list is pure gold dudes, of course its missing some games though.

    3.Garry says this could be the most important weigh-ins he's been involved in - he's feeling very nervous ...

    4.Garry says the sharpness of workers’ knives is integral to Alliance’s operation.

    5.Garry says the only risk to the show is if horse owners breach the regulations.
  21. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

    This made me laugh...

    How do you like the name Mark Tristan for baby boy?

    [​IMG] by ladyelle...

    Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

    Sounds like a criminal.

    That's me nailed on then....

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